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2976.pdf.jpg201122-Dec-2011Microstructure of epitaxial thin films of the ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni 2 MnGaEichhorn, Tobias
3143.pdf.jpg20124-Jun-2012MikroSISAK für die Chemie der schwersten ElementeHild, Daniel
3930.pdf.jpg20153-Feb-2015Expanding the scope of poly(ethylene glycol)s for bioconjugation to squaric acid-mediated PEGylation and pH-sensitivityDingels, Carsten
3920.pdf.jpg201411-Dec-2014Microbial formation of nitrous acid and its exchange processes between soils and atmosphereErmel, Michael
3970.pdf.jpg201528-Jan-2015From anionic polymerization in continuous flow to macromolecular architectures and stimuli-responsive surfacesTonhauser, Christoph
4197.pdf.jpg201519-Nov-2015Development, characterization, and application of flowing atmospheric-pressure afterglow ionization for mass spectrometric analysis of ambient organic aerosolsBrüggemann, Martin
deiseroth_malte-vibrational_dy-20201020085953072.pdf.jpg202023-Oct-2020Vibrational Dynamics of Water at Interfaces : Study of vibrational dynamics of water with interface specific time resolved vibrational spectroscopyDeiseroth, Malte
kneip_nina-highly_selecti-20210526223942908.pdf.jpg202027-May-2021Highly selective two-step laser ionization schemes for the analysis of actinide mixturesKneip, Nina; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Gadelshin, Vadim; Heinke, Reinhard; Mokry, Christoph; Raeder, Sebastian; Runke, Jörg; Studer, Dominik; Trautmann, Norbert; Weber, Felix; Wendt, Klaus
towards_rapid_sensitive_and_-20220124144155301.pdf.jpg20226-Apr-2022Towards rapid, sensitive and portable optical polarimetryBudker, Dmitry; Visschers, Jim
laser_spectroscopy_of_fermium-20230921115900328.pdf.jpg202328-Sep-2023Laser spectroscopy of fermium isotopes and development of an actinide ion mobility spectrometerRickert, Elisabeth