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55285.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016Rules : the basis of morality...?Churchland, Paul M.
gutknecht_aaron-the_“bottom-up-20200928104934300.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016The “bottom-up” approach to mental life : a commentary on Holk Cruse & Malte SchillingGutknecht, Aaron
55288.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016Why and how does consciousness seem the way it seems?Dennett, Daniel C.
59280.pdf.jpg201914-Oct-2019Teaching American realism in Germany : supplement - additional notes and materialsSchmidt, Klaus H.
55279.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016The semantic reading of propositionality and its relation to cognitive-representational explanations : a commentary on Andreas Bartels & Mark MayGlauer, Ramiro
59235.pdf.jpg201913-Sep-2019Stability of water-soluble chlorophyll protein (WSCP) depends on phytyl conformationPalm, Daniel; Agostini, Alessandro; Pohland, Anne-Christin; Werwie, Mara; Jaenicke, Elmar; Paulsen, Harald
55284.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016Solely generic phenomenology : a reply to Sascha Benjamin FinkBlock, Ned
59259.pdf.jpg201930-Sep-2019Quasi-antiferromagnetic multilayer stacks with 90 degree coupling mediated by thin Fe oxide spacersNagashima, G.; Kurokawa, Y.; Zhong, Y.; Horiike, S.; Schönke, Daniel; Krautscheid, Pascal; Reeve, Robert M.; Kläui, Mathias; Inagaki, Y.; Kawae, T; Tanaka, T.; Matsuyama, K.; Ohnishi, K.; Kimura, T.; Yuasa, H.
55281.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016Self-identification, intersubjectivity, and the background of intentionality : a reply to Anita Pacholik-ŻuromskaBeyer, Christian
55287.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016The bottom-up approach : benefits and limits ; a reply to Aaron GutknechtCruse, Holk; Schilling, Malte