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2019The Charcot-Marie tooth disease mutation R94Q in MFN2 decreases ATP production but increases mitochondrial respiration under conditions of mild oxidative stressWolf, Christina; Zimmermann, Rahel; Thaher, Osamah; Bueno, Diones; Wüllner, Verena; Schäfer, Michael; Albrecht, Philipp; Methner, Axel
2013The effect of magnetic anisotropy on the spin configurations of patterned La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 elementsWohlhüter, Philip; Rhensius, Jan; Vaz, Carlos A. F.; Heidler, Jakoba; Körner, Helmut S.; Bisig, André; Foerster, Michael; Méchin, Laurence; Gaucher, Fabien; Locatelli, A.; Niño, Miguel A.; El Moussaoui, S.; Nolting, Frithjof; Goering, E.; Heyderman, Laura J.; Kläui, Mathias
2019Cortical excitability dynamics during fear processingChirumamilla, Venkata C.; Gonzalez-Escamilla, Gabriel; Koirala, Nabin; Bonertz, Tamara; Grotthus, Sarah von; Muthuraman, Muthuraman; Groppa, Sergiu
2019Low birth weight is linked to age-related macular degeneration : results from the population-based Gutenberg Health Study (GHS)Fieß, Achim; Elbaz, Hisham; Korb, Christina A.; Nickels, Stefan; Schulz, Andreas; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp; Beutel, Manfred E.; Schmidtmann, Irene; Lackner, Karl J.; Peto, Tunde; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Schuster, Alexander K.
2019An in-depth view of the porcine trabecular meshwork proteomeFunke, Sebastian; Beutgen, Vanessa M.; Bechter, Lea; Schmelter, Carsten; Zurawski, Vanessa; Perumal, Natarajan; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
2019Central venous access devices (CVAD) in pediatric oncology patients : a single-center retrospective study over more than 9 yearsBeck, Olaf; Muensterer, Oliver J.; Hofmann, Sarah; Rossmann, Heidi; Poplawski, Alicia; Faber, Jörg; Gödeke, Jan
2019The synthetic retinoid acitretin increases IL-6 in the central nervous system of Alzheimer disease model mice and human patientsGuilherme, Malena dos Santos; Stoye, Nicolai M.; Rose-John, Stefan; Garbers, Christoph; Fellgiebel, Andreas; Endres, Kristina
2019A free-operant reward-tracking paradigm to study neural mechanisms and neurochemical modulation of adaptive behavior in ratsStoilova, Vanya V.; Wette, Sina A.; Stüttgen, Maik C.
2019Antibiotic treatment protocols and germ-free mouse models in vascular researchBayer, Franziska; Ascher, Stefanie; Potarollo, Giulia; Reinhardt, Christoph
2020Freshwater pearl mussels from northern Sweden serve as long-term, high-resolution stream water isotope recordersSchöne, Bernd Reinhard; Meret, Aliona E.; Baier, Sven M.; Fiebig, Jens; Esper, Jan; McDonnell, Jeffrey; Pfister, Laurent