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1699.pdf.jpg200813-Aug-2008C 3-symmetric discotic liquid crystalline materials for molecular electronics: versatile synthesis and self-organizationFeng, Xinliang
1645.pdf.jpg200811-Jun-2008Der C 4-Dicarboxylat- und Citratsensor DcuS aus Escherichia coli - Signalerkennung und RegulationKrämer, Jens
2255.pdf.jpg201029-Apr-2010The C-4-Dicarboxylate carriers DcuB and DctA of Escherichia coli: function as cosensors and topologyBauer, Julia
100002423.pdf.jpg201811-Dec-2018Der C4-Dicarboxylat-Metabolismus von Escherichia coli : die Rolle von DcuA und von DcuS im SignaltransferStrecker, Alexander
cajalretzius_cells__investiga-20220923180359392.pdf.jpg20226-Oct-2022Cajal-Retzius cells: investigations on cannabinoid type 1 receptor function in the Reelin signaling systemSitta, Jennifer
2897.pdf.jpg201114-Oct-2011The calcite(10-14) surface: a versatile substrate for molecular self-assemblyRahe, Philipp Alexander
calciumcarbonat_als_biomateri-20220930153100744.pdf.jpg202228-Nov-2022Calciumcarbonate als Biomaterial : biokompatible anorganische sowie anorganisch-organische Nanokomposite zur KnochenregenerationBesch, Laura
calciumoxalat_als_potentielle-20220520131640674.pdf.jpg202326-Jul-2023Calciumoxalat als potentielles Biomaterial - Kontrolle der Morphologie und HydratphaseHajir, Myriam
3613.pdf.jpg20147-Jan-2014Calibration study of bivalve shells : implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructionYan, Lina
1194.pdf.jpg200613-Dec-2006Calix[4]arenes in the 1, 3-alternate conformationDordea, Crenguta
sester_lilli_sophie-canavanin-indu-20210625110540276.pdf.jpg20213-Aug-2021Canavanin-induzierte Zytotoxizität in Myelomzellen: Untersuchungen zu Wirkmechanismen unter ArginindepletionSester, Lilli Sophie
3227.pdf.jpg201228-Sep-2012Cannabinoid CB1 receptor in the regulation of sociability, stress coping, and its interaction with the serotonergic systemHäring, Martin
100001298.pdf.jpg201714-May-2017Canonical and non-canonical autophagy modulation in human primary macrophages and its effect on the adaptive immune systemBohn, Rebecca
3212.pdf.jpg201224-Aug-2012Canonical group quantization and boundary conditionsJung, Florian
naga_abhinav-capillary_inte-20211001155337929.pdf.jpg202115-Oct-2021Capillary Interactions in Wetting: Rotation of Particles at Interfaces and Removal of Particles by DropsNaga, Abhinav
carbanionic_polymerisation_of-20220102175415784.pdf.jpg202211-Jan-2022Carbanionic Polymerisation of 2-Vinylpyridine Influence of Comonomers and Polymer ArchitecturesFickenscher, Marcel
100001011.pdf.jpg201722-Feb-2017Carbohydrate nanocarriers in biomedical application : construction and surface modificationKang, Biao
wang_nijing-carbonyl_compo-20210203164413476.pdf.jpg202230-Mar-2022Carbonyl compounds and their OH reactivities in outdoor and indoor environmentsWang, Nijing
1166.pdf.jpg200624-Oct-2006Der Carrier DcuB als zweiter Sensor des Zweikomponentensystems DcuSR in Escherichia coliKleefeld, Alexandra
986.pdf.jpg20067-Apr-2006Carrier und Regulatoren des Tartrat- und C 4-Dicarboxylatstoffwechsels von Escherichia coliKim, Ok Bin