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58369.pdf.jpg201823-Jul-2018Applicability of a web-based, individualized exercise intervention in patients with liver disease, cystic fibrosis, esophageal cancer, and psychiatric disorders : process evaluation of 4 ongoing clinical trialsPfirrmann, Daniel; Haller, Nils; Huber, Yvonne; Jung, Patrick; Lieb, Klaus; Gockel, Ines; Poplawska, Krystyna; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles
58399.pdf.jpg201831-Jul-2018Identification of disulfiram as a secretase-modulating compound with beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s disease hallmarksReinhardt, Sven; Stoye, Nicolai; Luderer, Mathias; Kiefer, Falk; Schmitt, Ulrich; Lieb, Klaus; Endres, Kristina
58351.pdf.jpg201816-Jul-2018The relationship between trait procrastination, Internet use, and psychological functioning : results from a community sample of German adolescentsReinecke, Leonard; Meier, Adrian; Beutel, Manfred E.; Schemer, Christian; Stark, Birgit; Wölfling, Klaus; Müller, Kai
59826.pdf.jpg202018-May-2020New cysteine protease inhibitors : electrophilic (het)arenes and unexpected prodrug identification for the trypanosoma protease rhodesainKlein, Philipp; Johe, Patrick; Wagner, Annika; Jung, Sascha; Kühlborn, Jonas; Barthels, Fabian; Tenzer, Stefan; Distler, Ute; Waigel, Waldemar; Engels, Bernd; Hellmich, Ute; Opatz, Till; Schirmeister, Tanja
59874.pdf.jpg202023-Jun-2020Naphthoquinones as covalent reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases : studies on inhibition mechanism and kineticsKlein, Philipp; Barthels, Fabian; Johe, Patrick; Wagner, Annika; Tenzer, Stefan; Distler, Ute; Le, Thien Anh; Schmid, Paul; Engel, Volker; Engels, Bernd; Hellmich, Ute; Opatz, Till; Schirmeister, Tanja
3458.pdf.jpg201328-Jun-2013A simple and novel method to monitor breathing and heart rate in awake and urethane-anesthetized newborn rodentsZehendner, Christoph M.; Luhmann, Heiko; Yang, Jenq-Wei
58756.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019The role of microglia in diabetic retinopathy : inflammation, microvasculature defects and neurodegenerationAltmann, Christine; Schmidt, Mirko HH
58762.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Evaluation of bone sialoprotein coating of three-dimensional printed calcium phosphate scaffolds in a calvarial defect model in miceBaranowski, Andreas; Klein, Anja; Ritz, Ulrike; Götz, Hermann; Mattyasovszky, Stefan; Rommens, Pol Maria; Hofmann, Alexander
58759.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Cytotoxin- and chemotaxis-genes cooperate to promote adhesion of photobacterium damselae subsp. damselaeHoven, Gisela von; Neukirch, Claudia; Meyenburg, Martina; Schmidt, Sabine; Vences, Ana; Osorio, Carlos R.; Husmann, Matthias; Rivas, Amable J.
58758.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Personality traits and physical complaints in patients with acromegaly : a cross sectional multi-center study with analysis of influencing factorsZimmermann, Anca; Zwerenz, Rüdiger; Droste, Michael; Schöfl, Christof; Strasburger, Christian J.; Plöckinger, Ursula; Ziagaki, Athanasia; Honegger, Jürgen; Dixius, Anne; Millaku, Bledar; Toenges, Gerrit; Beutel, Manfred E.; Weber, Matthias M.