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Authors: Michel, Maurice
Hess, Cornelius
Kaps, Leonard
Kremer, Wolfgang M.
Hilscher, Max
Galle, Peter R.
Moehler, Markus
Schattenberg, Jörn M.
Wörns, Marcus-Alexander
Labenz, Christian
Nagel, Michael
Title: Elevated serum levels of methylglyoxal are associated with impaired liver function in patients with liver cirrhosis
Online publication date: 15-Aug-2022
Language: english
Abstract: Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a highly reactive dicarbonyl species that forms advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The binding of these AGEs to their receptor (RAGE) causes and sustains severe inflammation. Systemic inflammation is postulated to be a major driver in the progression of liver cirrhosis. However, the role of circulating MGO levels in liver cirrhosis remains unknown. In this study, we investigated the serum levels of two dicarbonyl species, MGO and glyoxal (GO) using tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC–MS/MS) and evaluated their association with disease severity. A total of 51 inpatients and outpatients with liver cirrhosis of mixed etiology and different disease stages were included. Elevated MGO levels were seen in an advanced stage of liver cirrhosis (p < 0.001). High MGO levels remained independently associated with impaired liver function, as assessed by the model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) (β = 0.448, p = 0.002) and acute decompensation (AD) (β = 0.345, p = 0.005) scores. Furthermore, MGO was positively correlated with markers of systemic inflammation (IL-6, p = 0.004) and the development of ascites (p = 0.013). In contrast, no changes were seen in GO serum levels. Circulating levels of MGO are elevated in advanced stages of liver cirrhosis and are associated with impaired liver function and liver-related parameters.
DDC: 610 Medizin
610 Medical sciences
Institution: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Department: FB 04 Medizin
Place: Mainz
Version: Published version
Publication type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz
License: CC BY
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Journal: Scientific reports
Pages or article number: 20506
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature
Publisher place: London
Issue date: 2021
ISSN: 2045-2322
Publisher DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-00119-7
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