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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
59390.pdf.jpg20194-Nov-2019AAZTA5/AAZTA5-TOC: synthesis and radiochemical evaluation with 68Ga, 44Sc and 177LuSinnes, Jean-Philippe; Nagel, Johannes; Rösch, Frank
59108.pdf.jpg201917-Jun-2019Instant kit preparation of 68Ga-radiopharmaceuticals via the hybrid chelator DATA : clinical translation of [68Ga]Ga-DATA-TOCSinnes, Jean-Philippe; Nagel, Johannes; Waldron, Bradley P.; Maina, Theodosia; Nock, Berthold A.; Bergmann, Ralf K.; Ullrich, Martin; Pietzsch, Jens; Bachmann, Michael; Baum, Richard P.; Rösch, Frank
glycidyl_tosylate__polymeriza-20220525104453563.pdf.jpg201925-May-2022Glycidyl tosylate: polymerization of a “non-polymerizable” monomer permits universal post-functionalization of polyethersJung, Philipp; Ziegler, Arthur D.; Blankenburg, Jan; Frey, Holger
tristriazolotriazines_with_az-20220531121648118.pdf.jpg201931-May-2022Tristriazolotriazines with azobenzene arms : acidochromic dyes and discotic liquid crystalsSperner, Marcel; Tober, Natalie; Detert, Heiner
luminescence_and_lightdriven_-20220601114716967.pdf.jpg20191-Jun-2022Luminescence and light-driven energy and electron transfer from an exceptionally long-lived excited state of a non-innocent chromium(III) complexTreiling, Steffen; Wang, Cui; Förster, Christoph; Reichenauer, Florian; Kalmbach, Jens; Boden, Pit; Harris, Joe P.; Carrella, Luca M.; Rentschler, Eva; Resch-Genger, Ute; Reber, Christian; Seitz, Michael; Gerhards, Markus; Heinze, Katja
synthesis_thermal_and_optical-20220531091843100.pdf.jpg201931-May-2022Synthesis, thermal, and optical properties of tris(5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-1,3,5-triazines, new star-shaped fluorescent discotic liquid crystalsTober, Natalie; Rieth, Thorsten; Lehmann, Matthias; Detert, Heiner
straightforward_electrochemic-20220523105542910.pdf.jpg201923-May-2022Straightforward electrochemical sulfonylation of arenes and aniline derivatives using sodium sulfinatesNickl, Joachim; Ravelli, Davide; Schollmeyer, Dieter; Waldvogel, Siegfried R.
a_coppercatalyzed_synthesis_o-20220525092857532.pdf.jpg201925-May-2022A copper-catalyzed synthesis of pyrroles through photochemically generated acylazirinesPaternoga, Jan; Opatz, Till