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2020Dispersion relations in two-photon hadronic processesGryniuk, Oleksii
2020Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Quantum Dot Sensitized SystemsWang, Hai
2020Unpacking the boxes we put people in - On the symmetry, contextual malleability, and maintenance of social categorizationFlade, Felicitas
2020A wind tunnel investigation into the aerodynamics of lobed hailstonesTheis, Alexander; Borrmann, Stephan; Mitra, Subir Kumar; Heymsfield, Andrew J.; Szakáll, Miklós
2020A new approach to analyzing the development of domain-specific knowledge among undergraduate medical students using learning scoresRoeper, Jochen; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Klose, Verena; Nagel, Marie-Theres; Schlax, Jasmin
2020Systematic comparison of the influence of different data preprocessing methods on the performance of gait classifications using machine learningBurdack, Johannes; Horst, Fabian; Giesselbach, Sven; Hassan, Ibrahim; Daffner, Sabrina; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang I.
2019SANS (USH1G) molecularly links the human Usher syndrome protein network to the intraflagellar transport module by direct binding to IFT-B proteinsSorusch, Nasrin; Yildirim, Adem; Knapp, Barbara; Janson, Julia; Fleck, Wiebke; Scharf, Caroline; Wolfrum, Uwe
2020Beam dynamical behaviour of the MESA SRF structures under recirculating operationStoll, Christian Philipp
2020Fatigue-related and timescale-dependent changes in individual movement patterns identified using support vector machineBurdack, Johannes; Horst, Fabian; Aragonés, Daniel; Eekhoff, Alexander; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang Immanuel
2020Synthese entzündungshemmender Makrolactone des Oxacyclododecindion-TypsWeber, Carina
2020Can individual movement characteristics across different throwing disciplines be identified in high-performance decathletes?Horst, Fabian; Janssen, Daniel; Beckmann, Hendrik; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang I.
2020The role of students’ beliefs when critically reasoning from multiple contradictory sources of information in performance assessmentsOlga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Beck, Klaus; Fischer, Jennifer; Braunheim, Dominik; Schmidt, Susanne; Shavelson, Richard J.
2020Efficacy and safety of XEN®-implantation vs. trabeculectomy : data of a “real-world” settingWagner, Felix Mathias; Schuster, Alexander Karl-Georg; Emmerich, Julia; Chronopoulo, Panagiotis; Hoffmann, Esther Maria
2020Prevalence and new onset of depression and anxiety among participants with AMD in a European cohortRezapour, Jasmin; Schuster, Alexander K.; Nickels, Stefan; Korb, Christina A.; Elbaz, Hisham; Peto, Tunde; Michal, Matthias; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp S.; König, Jochem; Lackner, Karl; Schulz, Andreas; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Beutel, Manfred E.
2020The absence of the drhm gene is not a marker for human‑pathogenicity in European Anaplasma phagocytophilum strainsLangenwalder, Denis B.; Schmidt, Sabine; Silaghi, Cornelia; Skuballa, Jasmin; Pantchev, Nikola; Matei, Ioana A.; Mihalca, Andrei D.; Gilli, Urs; Zajkowska, Joanna; Ganter, Martin; Hoffman, Tove; Salaneck, Erik; Petrovec, Miroslav; Loewenich, Friederik D.
2020Wheat consumption leads to immune activation and symptom worsening in patients with familial mediterranean fever : a pilot randomized trialCarroccio, Antonio; Mansueto, Pasquale; Soresi, Maurizio; Fayer, Francesca; Di Liberto, Diana; Monguzzi, Erika; Lo Pizzo, Marianna; La Blasca, Francesco; Geraci, Girolamo; Pecoraro, Alice; Dieli, Francesco; Schuppan, Detlef
2020A multi-cohort consortium for GEnder-Sensitive Analyses of mental health trajectories and implications for prevention (GESA) in the general population in GermanyBurghardt, Juliane; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Otten, Danielle; Brähler, Elmar; Binder, Harald; Grabe, Hans; Kruse, Johannes; Ladwig, Karl Heinz; Schomerus, Georg; Wild, Philipp S.; Beutel, Manfred E
2020Nailing of diaphyseal ulna fractures in adults : biomechanical evaluation of a novel implant in comparison with locked platingHopf, Johannes Christof; Mehler, Dorothea; Nowak, Tobias Eckhard; Gruszka, Dominik; Wagner, Daniel; Rommens, Pol Maria
2020Totalsynthese immunmodulatorischer Kohlenhydrate und Methodenentwicklung zur Aktivierung von C–S-BindungenKrumb, Matthias
2020Phenomenology of New Physics Models at Colliders and in Gravitational WavesMadge Pimentel, Eric
Items in the collection (Sorted by Submission Date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 5049