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2020Biochemical and biophysical characterization of the human TIM/TIPIN/CRY complex - a potential direct link between the circadian clock and the cell cycleGrimmelsmann, Tim Albert
2020Manipulation of Néel vector in antiferromagnetic Mn2Au by electric current and magnetic field pulses.Jourdan, Martin; Bodnar, Stanislav
2020Structure–Property Relationships in Polymer Systems: From Functional Microgels to Dynamic Polymer Solutions and MeltsSchmolke, Willi
2020Anionic polymerization of aziridines: Tuning block- and gradient-copolymer architectures and applications of linear polyaziridinesGleede, Tassilo
2020Understanding the Implications of Checkpoint Adaptation for Genome Stability and DNA RepairVydzhak, Olga
2020Telomere folding in S. cerevisiae depends on chromatin modifiers and recombination factors and is lost during replicative senescenceWagner, Tina
2020Stabilisation der Strahlparameter für das P2-Experiment an MESAKempf, Ruth Freya
2020Entwicklung eines supraleitenden Beschleunigermoduls für den rezirkulierenden Betrieb am Mainz Energy-Recovering Superconducting Accelerator (MESA)Stengler, Timo U.
2020Retrospektive Analyse der prothetischen Versorgung von Patienten mit Zustand nach UnterkieferkontinuitätsresektionStieglitz, Michael
2020Die Manipulation inflammatorischer Monozyten reduziert die Entwicklung dermaler FibroseHaub, Jessica
2020Globaler Terrorismus in den Lebens-, Denk- und Sprechwelten von JugendlichenRuppert, Stefanie
2020A toolkit to visualise and interfere with ubiquitin-dependent DNA damage bypassYakoub, George
2020Behavioural and Neuroanatomical Analysis of a Visual Working Memory in Drosophila melanogasterVenkataramanan, Anjana
2020Die Modulation der Hämatopoese durch das Enzym Paraoxonase-2Kleinert, Hartmut; Spiecker, Lisa
2020The Political Opposition to Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118)de Medeiros Publio Dias, João Vicente
2020How online privacy literacy supports self-data protection and self-determination in the age of informationMasur, Philipp K.
2020The genome, transcriptome, and proteome of the fish parasite Pomphorhynchus laevis (Acanthocephala)Mauer, Katharina; Hellmann, Sören Lukas; Groth, Marco; Fröbius, Andreas C.; Zischler, Hans; Hankeln, Thomas; Herlyn, Holger
2020Metallakronen mit stabilen RadikalligandenPietruska, Sascha
2020Petrogenesis of the Snezhnoe ruby deposit, Central PamirLitvinenko, Andrey K.; Sorokina, Elena S.; Häger, Tobias; Kostitsyn, Yuri A.; Botcharnikov, Roman E.; Somsikova, Alina V.; Ludwig, Thomas; Romashova, Tatiana V.; Hofmeister, Wolfgang
2020Minimally-invasive Theranostics based on Triplet-Triplet AnnihilationNazarova, Nadzeya
Items in the collection (Sorted by Submission Date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 4939