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Authors: Gerhards, Simone
Konrad, Tobias
Title: Von Bildern und Bienen – Methodenreflexionen zur digitalen paläografischen Analyse des Hieratischen
Online publication date: 23-Aug-2023
Year of first publication: 2022
Language: german
Abstract: This paper addresses the question of to what extent digital methods and specific tools can be supportive for palaeographic studies of hieratic writing. A common task of palaeographic research is to find visually similar signs. An artificial neural network is used for image analysis of the hieratic sign of the bee (𓆤 Gardiner L2). Its output values are grouped using the dimensionality reduction technique t-SNE. The expected result represents a group of similar hieratic shapes. It is highlighted how the palaeographic data must be handled, focusing mainly on the compatibility of born digital data and retro-digitized material. For this purpose, a workflow for the treatment of the material is proposed. Digital palaeography is used to determine shape classes for the hieratic sign of the bee. The paper concludes with reflections on methodology and bias in research within the fields both of Egyptology and digital humanities.
DDC: 490 Andere Sprachen
490 Other languages
930 Alte Geschichte
930 History of ancient world
960 Geschichte Afrikas
960 General history of Africa
Institution: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Department: FB 07 Geschichts- u. Kulturwissensch.
Place: Mainz
Version: Published version
Publication type: Buchbeitrag
Document type specification: Scientific article
License: In Copyright
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Citation: Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten IV
Gülden, Svenja A.
Konrad, Tobias
Verhoeven, Ursula
Pages or article number: 183
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
Publisher place: Stuttgart
Issue date: 2022
ISBN: 978-3-515-13333-3
Relations: is Part of 10.25358/openscience-7159
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