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Authors: Klenke, Achim
Title: Confetti model simulation data
Online publication date: 13-Dec-2022
Year of first publication: 2022
Language: other
Abstract: We simulate confetti of radius 0.05 at random positions in the plane. The numbers are the number of confetti centered in the unit square that are visible. The sample size is 5000000
DDC: 510 Mathematik
510 Mathematics
Institution: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Department: FB 08 Physik, Mathematik u. Informatik
Place: Mainz
Version: Original work
Publication type: Datensammlung
License: CC BY-ND
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Extent: 5000000 numbers, 20 MB
Appears in collections:JGU-Forschungsdaten

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