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Authors: Smiga, Joseph A.
Title: Assessing the quality of a network of vector-field sensors
Online publication date: 27-Jun-2022
Year of first publication: 2022
Language: english
Abstract: An experiment consisting of a network of sensors can endow several advantages over an experiment with a single sensor: improved sensitivity, error corrections, spatial resolution, etc. However, there is often a question of how to optimally set up the network to yield the best results. Here, we consider a network of devices that measure a vector field along a given axis; namely for magnetometers in the Global Network of Optical Magnetometers for Exotic physics searches (GNOME). We quantify how well the network is arranged, explore characteristics and examples of ideal networks, and characterize the optimal configuration for GNOME. We find that by re-orienting the sensitive axes of existing magnetometers, the sensitivity of the network can be improved relative to the past science runs.
DDC: 530 Physik
530 Physics
Institution: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Department: FB 08 Physik, Mathematik u. Informatik
Helmholtz Institut Mainz
Place: Mainz
Version: Published version
Publication type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz
License: CC BY
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Journal: The European physical journal : D
Pages or article number: 4
Publisher: Springer
Publisher place: Berlin u.a.
Issue date: 2022
ISSN: 1434-6079
Publisher DOI: 10.1140/epjd/s10053-021-00328-9
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