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3920.pdf.jpg201411-Dec-2014Microbial formation of nitrous acid and its exchange processes between soils and atmosphereErmel, Michael
3970.pdf.jpg201528-Jan-2015From anionic polymerization in continuous flow to macromolecular architectures and stimuli-responsive surfacesTonhauser, Christoph
3930.pdf.jpg20153-Feb-2015Expanding the scope of poly(ethylene glycol)s for bioconjugation to squaric acid-mediated PEGylation and pH-sensitivityDingels, Carsten
4190.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2015Analysis of zinc oxide nanoparticles as a potential mutagen of respiratory epitheliaHeim, Julia
4197.pdf.jpg201519-Nov-2015Development, characterization, and application of flowing atmospheric-pressure afterglow ionization for mass spectrometric analysis of ambient organic aerosolsBrüggemann, Martin
58082.pdf.jpg201811-Apr-2018Decoupling of DNA methylation status and gene expression levels in aging individualsWierczeiko, Anna; Fournier, David; Todorov, Hristo; Klingenberg, Susanne; Endres, Kristina; Gerber, Susanne
58084.pdf.jpg201811-Apr-2018Dynamics of associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms in relation to Alzheimer's disease captured with a new measure of linkage disequilibriumSys, Stanislav J.; Fournier, David; Horenko, Illia; Endres, Kristina; Gerber, Susanne
59235.pdf.jpg201913-Sep-2019Stability of water-soluble chlorophyll protein (WSCP) depends on phytyl conformationPalm, Daniel; Agostini, Alessandro; Pohland, Anne-Christin; Werwie, Mara; Jaenicke, Elmar; Paulsen, Harald
4221.pdf.jpg20159-Dec-2015Species specific nitrogen isotope analysis by NanoSIMSLi, Kexue
100002500.pdf.jpg201823-Dec-2018Proteo-Lipobeads : a novel platform to investigate strictly oriented membrane proteins in their functionally active form. Bio-UV-SPR: exploring the ultraviolet spectral range for water-bound analytes in surface plasmon resonance spectroscopyGeiss, Frank Andreas