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59431.pdf.jpg201927-Nov-2019Accuracy of a chatbot (Ada) in the diagnosis of mental disorders : comparative case study with lay and expert usersJungmann, Stefanie; Klan, Timo; Kuhn, Sebastian; Jungmann, Florian
59415.pdf.jpg201911-Nov-2019Cardiovascular risk categories in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and the role of low-density lipoprotein cholesterolLabenz, Christian; Prochaska, Jürgen H.; Huber, Yvonne; Nagel, Michael; Straub, Beate; Wild, Philipp; Galle, Peter R.; Schattenberg, Jörn
58509.pdf.jpg201817-Oct-2018Retinal and optic nerve degeneration in α-mannosidosisMatlach, Juliane; Zindel, Thea; Amraoui, Yasmina; Arash-Kaps, Laila; Hennermann, Julia B.; Pitz, Susanne
ritz_ulrike-a_new_bone_sub-20200928110132876.pdf.jpg201727-Feb-2018A new bone substitute developed from 3D-prints of polylactide (PLA) loaded with collagen I : an in vitro studyRitz, Ulrike; Gerke, Rebekka; Götz, Hermann; Stein, Stefan; Rommens, Pol Maria
57418.pdf.jpg201726-Oct-2017Smartphone-enhanced low-threshold intervention for adolescents with anorexia nervosa (SELTIAN) waiting for outpatient psychotherapy : study protocol of a randomised controlled trialKolar, David R.; Hammerle, Florian; Jenetzky, Ekkehart; Huss, Michael
57451.pdf.jpg20172-Nov-2017Gnaz couples the circadian and dopaminergic system to G protein-mediated signaling in mouse photoreceptorsVancura, Patrick; Abdelhadi, Shaima; Csicsely, Erika; Baba, Kenkichi; Tosini, Gianluca; Iuvone, P. Michael; Spessert, Rainer
59402.pdf.jpg20198-Nov-2019pcaExplorer: an R/Bioconductor package for interacting with RNA-seq principal componentsMarini, Federico; Binder, Harald
57963.pdf.jpg20189-Mar-2018Targeted next-generation sequencing of cancer genes in poorly differentiated thyroid cancerGerber, Tiemo S.; Schad, Arno; Hartmann, Nils; Springer, Erik; Zechner, Ulrich; Musholt, Thomas
58784.pdf.jpg201814-Jan-2019Three-years outcomes of diabetic patients treated with coronary bioresorbable scaffoldsAnadol, Remzi; Schnitzler, Katharina; Lorenz, Liv; Weissner, Melissa; Ullrich, Helen; Polimeni, Alberto; Münzel, Thomas; Gori, Tommaso
58763.pdf.jpg20198-Jan-2019Hypoxia evokes increased PDI and PDIA6 expression in the infarcted myocardium of ex-germ-free and conventionally raised miceKiouptsi, Klytaimnistra; Finger, Stefanie; Garlapati, Venkata S.; Knorr, Maike; Brandt, Moritz; Walter, Ulrich; Wenzel, Philip; Reinhardt, Christoph