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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
201322-Nov-2013Functional polymer based nanoparticles : development of defined complex structures as basis for in-vitro and in-vivo applicationsBarz, Matthias
200924-Jun-2009Functional polymer coatings — My-Patterning and My-AnalysisNett, Sebastian Karl Borromäus
202010-Nov-2020Functional separation of two distinct voltage gated calcium channels at the presynaptic terminal of Drosophila larval crawling motoneuronsKrick, Niklas
20121-Aug-2012Functional silicones and silicone-containing block copolymersBöhm, Paul
20074-Jun-2007Functional thin films fabricated by plasma polymerization and their biological applicationsChu, Li-Qiang
201826-Apr-2018Functionalisation of biomaterials with bone sialoprotein for joint and bone replacementKlein, Anja
20138-Aug-2013Functionalization and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applicationsKoll, Kerstin
201219-Dec-2012Functionalization and detection of RNA and its modificationsKellner, Stefanie
20121-Mar-2012Functionalization of hyperbranched polycarbosilanes - block copolymers and electrochemistrySchüle, Hanna
201729-Jan-2017Functionalization of polyurethane dispersions for controlled interactions with different substratesBreucker, Laura
200614-Aug-2006Functionalized surfaces and surface functionalization of nanomaterialsTahir, Muhammad Nawaz
201716-May-2017Functionally modified (Deoxy)Ribonucleotides : synthesis and study of physicochemical and biological propertiesHellmuth, Isabell
20161-Aug-2016Functions of RING1B and ZRF1 in ubiquitin-mediated regulation of nucleotide excision repairGracheva, Ekaterina
202015-Sep-2020Fundamentals and Applications of Super-Liquid-Repellent SurfacesGeyer, Florian
20124-Jul-2012Funktion der C 4-Dicarboxylat-Transporter DctA und DcuB als Co-Sensoren von DcuS in Escherichia coliWitan, Julian
20021-Jan-2002Die Funktion der Rho GTPasen in den von Toll-Rezeptoren induzierten SignaltransduktionswegenTeusch, Nicole
200722-Jan-2007Funktion des Rezeptors der sekretorischen Phospholipasen A 2 bei der Signaltransduktion in glomerulären Mesangiumzellen und entzündlichen Erkrankungen der NiereThorwart, Bettina
20031-Jan-2003Die Funktion von Dystroglycan in der Entwicklung des zentralen NervensystemsSchröder, Jörn E.
20001-Jan-2000Funktionale Analyse des CpY/DmX Gens aus Chironomus und Drosophila melanogasterWeil, Bernd
20021-Jan-2002Funktionale Bedeutung der Protein Kinase C - delta (PKC - delta) in der Reorganisation der zytoskelettären Architektur humaner KeratinozytenGumpert, Nicolas Maximilian