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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
3149.pdf.jpg201218-Jun-2012Nanopartikel und Nanokapseln als potentielle Wirkstofftransportsysteme : zelluläre Aufnahme in Leukozyten in peripherem Vollblut und in ZellkulturBaumann, Daniela Kathrin
nitrogen_oxides_and_their_inv-20230707143435925.pdf.jpg202320-Jul-2023Nitrogen oxides and their involvement in photochemical processes throughout the troposphereNussbaumer, Clara Maria
nontargeted_chromatographic_h-20220912120804352.pdf.jpg202220-Oct-2022Non-targeted chromatographic high-resolution mass spectrometric analysis of biological and medical matrices with emphasis on the classification of fungal sporesHoffmann, Thorsten; Thines, Eckhard; Huesmann, Regina
3860.pdf.jpg201420-Oct-2014Novel algorithms for electronic structure based molecular dynamics with linear system-size scalingRichters, Dorothee
3166.pdf.jpg201220-Jul-2012Ortsgerichtete Modifikationen von Somatostatin-14 zur Darstellung von maßgeschneiderten BiohybridkonjugatenPfisterer, Anne
3796.pdf.jpg201417-Sep-2014Paleoclimate reconstruction using LA-ICP-MS analyses of ostracods and stalagmiteYang, Qichao
3367.pdf.jpg201319-Mar-2013Parahydrogen induced polarization on a clinical MRI system : polarization transfer of two spin orderGraafen, Dirk Markus
100001678.pdf.jpg20176-Dec-2017Photo-triggerable laminin mimetic peptides for directional neural regenerationFarrukh, Aleeza
2415.pdf.jpg20105-Nov-2010Photochemie der Troposphäre in niedrigen und mittleren Breiten: die Rolle von KonvektionBozem, Heiko
100002345.pdf.jpg201823-Oct-2018Photophysics of Lead-Halide PerovskiteBretschneider, Simon A.
physics_of_polymeric_ferroic_-20230208143135274.pdf.jpg202329-Mar-2023Physics of polymeric ferroic devicesAsadi, Kamal; Hassanpour Amiri, Morteza
hou_ian_cheng-yi-polycyclic_aro-20210204203548077.pdf.jpg202117-Feb-2021Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Chemistry in a Spirit of Graphene EngineeringHou, Ian Cheng-Yi
3286.pdf.jpg201227-Nov-2012Polymer surfaces on small length- and short time-scalesKaule, Tassilo
100003102.pdf.jpg20193-Oct-2019Polymeric nanocapsules as versatile platform for the development of new dendritic cell-directed nanovaccinesPaßlick, David
2982.pdf.jpg20129-Jan-2012Polyphenylendendrimere zur GefahrstoffdetektionGrill, Matthias
ross_andrew-probing_magnet-20210319135419733.pdf.jpg202123-Mar-2021Probing magnetostatic and magnetotransport properties of the antiferromagnetic iron oxide hematiteRoss, Andrew
3332.pdf.jpg201318-Jan-2013Proton magnetic resonance with parahydrogen induced polarization : Imaging strategies and continuous generationDechent, Jan Falk Frederik
3248.pdf.jpg20125-Nov-2012Qualitative and absolute quantitative studies of the cell-nanoparticle interactionHöcherl, Anita
friedrich_nils-the_reactive_n-20211005193849944.pdf.jpg202119-Oct-2021The reactive nitrogen budget throughout the diel cycle investigated via thermal dissociation cavity ring-down spectroscopyFriedrich, Nils
100003070.pdf.jpg201927-Aug-2019Reconstruction of past climate variability during Marine Isotope Stage 3 and the Holocene using speleothems: Special emphasis on the application of the Sr isotope systemWeber, Michael