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Authors: Reichert, Jonas Sebastian
Title: SV2A - just a synaptic vesicle protein? Unravelling the interaction of SV2A and mitochondria in the pathogenesis and therapy of Morbus Alzheimer
Online publication date: 11-May-2022
Language: english
DDC: 500 Naturwissenschaften
500 Natural sciences and mathematics
610 Medizin
610 Medical sciences
Institution: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Department: FB 09 Chemie, Pharmazie u. Geowissensch.
Place: Mainz
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:77-openscience-ba163013-5df8-426e-9312-7025ea01ab752
Version: Original work
Publication type: Dissertation
License: CC BY-ND
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Extent: 199 Seiten, Illustrationen, Diagramme
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