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59863.pdf.jpg20205-Jun-2020What remains in mind? : Effectiveness and efficiency of explainers at conveying informationSchneiders, Pascal
mahdiani_hamideh-resilience_in_-20210518102200303.pdf.jpg202018-May-2021Resilience in times of economic boom and bust : a narrative study of a rural population dependent upon the oil and gas industryMahdiani, Hamideh; Höltge, Jan; Theron, Linda; Ungar, Michael
imhoff_roland-assessment_of_-20210420115645855.pdf.jpg202017-May-2021Assessment of evidential value requires more than a single data pointImhoff, Roland
günther_christoph-iconic_sociocl-20210313163601376.pdf.jpg202017-Mar-2021Iconic socioclasm : idol-breaking and the dawn of a new social orderGünther, Christoph
schmitt_caroline-vermessen_kla-20210416123732968.pdf.jpg202017-May-2021Vermessen, Klassifizieren, Zuweisen : das AnKER-Zentrum als machtvolle Organisation der AsylverwaltungSchmitt, Caroline
reinhardt_franziska-the_influence_-20210826120615051.pdf.jpg202126-Aug-2021The influence of refugee students’ personal characteristics on study success in online educationReinhardt, Franziska; Deribo, T.; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Happ, Roland; Nell-Müller, Sarah
brinks_verena-from_omniscien-20210922095318055.pdf.jpg202122-Sep-2021From omniscient narrator to involved participants : places and spaces “activated” in the EHEC O104:H4 crisis 2011Brinks, Verena; Ibert, Oliver
drotbohm_heike-a_shifting_yet-20210607170016937.pdf.jpg202122-Sep-2021A shifting yet grounded transnational social field : interplays of displacement and emplacement in African migrant trajectories across Central AmericaDrotbohm, Heike; Winters, Nanneke
jost_pablo-klicken_oder_t-20210611122613163.pdf.jpg202011-Jun-2021Klicken oder tippen? : Eine Analyse verschiedener Interventionsstrategien in unzivilen Online-Diskussionen auf FacebookJost, Pablo; Ziegele, Marc; Naab, Teresa K.
preisendörfer_peter-road_traffic_a-20210611094935673.pdf.jpg202011-Jun-2021Road traffic and aircraft noise as drivers of environmental protest?Preisendörfer, Peter; Herold, Lucie; Kurz, Karin