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obesity_prevalence_and_unfavo-20220710214817477.pdf.jpg201312-Jul-2022Obesity prevalence and unfavorable health risk behaviors among German kindergarten teachers : cross-sectional results of the kindergarten teacher health studyHoffmann, Sascha; Tug, Suzan; Simon, Perikles
acute_effects_of_strength_exe-20220710235013206.pdf.jpg201712-Jul-2022Acute effects of strength exercises and effects of regular strength training on cell free DNA concentrations in blood plasmaTug, Suzan; Tross, Anna-Katharina; Hegen, Patrick; Neuberger, Elmo; Helmig, Susanne; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang; Simon, Perikles
associations_between_physical-20220925173357345.pdf.jpg20137-Oct-2022Associations between physical and cognitive doping : a cross-sectional study in 2.997 triathletesDietz, Pavel; Ulrich, Rolf; Dalaker, Robert; Striegel, Heiko; Franke, Andreas; Lieb, Klaus; Simon, Perikles
the_ioc_and_olympic_bids_from-20221017094147978.pdf.jpg20175-Dec-2022The IOC and Olympic bids from democracies and authoritarian regimes : a socioeconomic analysis and strategic insightsKönecke, Thomas; Nooij, Michel de
transgene_detection_by_digita-20220817172133134.pdf.jpg201419-Aug-2022Transgene detection by digital droplet PCRMoser, Dirk A.; Braga, Luca; Raso, Andrea; Zacchigna, Serena; Giacca, Mauro; Simon, Perikles
the_contribution_of_the_fifa_-20220914233753219.pdf.jpg20135-Oct-2022The contribution of the FIFA world cup and the olympic games to green economyPreuß, Holger
the_perpot_simulated_anaerobi-20220915000055541.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022The PerPot simulated anaerobic threshold : a comparison to typical lactate-based thresholdsEndler, Stefan; Hoffmann, Sabine; Sterzing, Björn; Simon, Perikles; Pfeiffer, Mark
a_comparison_of_the_cheater_d-20220913200337094.pdf.jpg201614-Sep-2022A comparison of the cheater detection and the unrelated question models: a randomized response survey on physical and cognitive doping in recreational triathletesSchröter, Hannes; Studzinski, Beatrix; Dietz, Pavel; Ulrich, Rolf; Striegel, Heiko; Simon, Perikles
fan_motives_for_interacting_o-20221021101519040.pdf.jpg20175-Dec-2022Fan motives for interacting on social media : the example of the International Table Tennis Federation and FacebookSchubert, Mathias; Seyffert, Jannis
differential_training_facilit-20220612153256843.pdf.jpg201613-Jun-2022Differential training facilitates early consolidation in motor learningHenz, Diana; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang I.