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taurine_activates_gabaergic_n-20220612171016197.pdf.jpg201420-Jun-2022Taurine activates GABAergic networks in the neocortex of immature miceSava, Bogdan A.; Chen, Rongqing; Sun, Haiyan; Luhmann, Heiko; Kilb, Werner
life_context_of_pharmacologic-20220612163924034.pdf.jpg201415-Jun-2022Life context of pharmacological academic performance enhancement among university students : a qualitative approachHildt, Elisabeth; Lieb, Klaus; Franke, Andreas
tip_peptide_inhalation_in_exp-20220612164311752.pdf.jpg201415-Jun-2022TIP peptide inhalation in experimental acute lung injury : effect of repetitive dosage and different synthetic variantsHartmann, Erik; Thomas, Rainer; Liu, Tanghua; Stefaniak, Joanna; Ziebart, Alexander; Duenges, Bastian; Eckle, Daniel; Markstaller, Klaus; David, Matthias
resveratrol_and_endothelial_n-20220614092201451.pdf.jpg201414-Jun-2022Resveratrol and endothelial nitric oxideXia, Ning; Förstermann, Ulrich; Li, Huige
modulation_of_dendritic_cell_-20220612153922861.pdf.jpg201413-Jun-2022Modulation of dendritic cell immunobiology via inhibition of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA) reductaseLeuenberger, Tina; Pfueller, Caspar; Lüssi, Felix; Bendix, Ivo; Paterka, Magdalena; Prozorovski, Timour; Treue, Denise; Luenstedt, Sarah; Herz, Josephine; Siffrin, Volker; Infante-Duarte, Carmen; Zipp, Frauke; Waicies, Sonia
axonglia_interaction_and_memb-20220612155014092.pdf.jpg201413-Jun-2022Axon-glia interaction and membrane traffic in myelin formationWhite, Robin; Albers, Eva-Maria
pupil_dilation_signals_uncert-20220612155816621.pdf.jpg201414-Jun-2022Pupil dilation signals uncertainty and surprise in a learning gambling taskLavín, Claudio; San Martín, René; Rosales Jubal, Eduardo
identification_of_plakortide_-20220510090302657.pdf.jpg201410-May-2022Identification of plakortide E from the Caribbean sponge Plakortis halichondroides as a trypanocidal protease inhibitor using bioactivity-guided fractionationOli, Swarna; Abdelmohsen, Usama Ramadan; Hentschel, Ute; Schirmeister, Tanja