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18fclick_labeling_and_preclin-20220714111456125.pdf.jpg201315-Jul-202218F-click labeling and preclinical evaluation of a new 18F-folate for PET imagingSchieferstein, Hanno; Betzel, Thomas; Fischer, Cindy R.; Ross, Tobias
1e5e25di­bromo­cyclo­dodeca15-20220612162044535.pdf.jpg201714-Jun-2022(1E,5E)-2,5-Di­bromo­cyclo­dodeca-1,5-dien-9-yneDetert, Heiner; Schollmeyer, Dieter
612bishexyloxy5h11hindolo[32b-20220516115653142.pdf.jpg201314-Jun-20226,12-Bis(hexyloxy)-5H,11H-indolo[3,2-b]carbazoleWrobel, Norma; Witulski, Bernhard; Schollmeyer, Dieter; Detert, Heiner
acute_effects_of_strength_exe-20220710235013206.pdf.jpg201712-Jul-2022Acute effects of strength exercises and effects of regular strength training on cell free DNA concentrations in blood plasmaTug, Suzan; Tross, Anna-Katharina; Hegen, Patrick; Neuberger, Elmo; Helmig, Susanne; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang; Simon, Perikles
adamts13_regulates_neutrophil-20220710214033667.pdf.jpg201712-Jul-2022ADAMTS-13 regulates neutrophil recruitment in a mouse model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosisAlflen, Astrid; Prüfer, Steve; Ebner, Katharina; Reuter, Sebastian; Lopez, Pamela Aranda; Scharrer, Inge; Banno, Fumiaki; Stassen, Michael; Schild, Hansjörg; Jurk, Kerstin; Bosmann, Markus; Beckert, Hendrik; Radsak, Markus
agerelated_diagnostic_value_o-20220612152838630.pdf.jpg201713-Jun-2022Age-related diagnostic value of D-dimer testing and the role of inflammation in patients with suspected deep vein thrombosisProchaska, Jürgen H.; Frank, Bernd; Nagler, Markus; Lamparter, Heidrun; Weißer, Gerhard; Schulz, Andreas; Eggebrecht, Lisa; Göbel, Sebastian; Arnold, Natalie; Panova-Noeva, Marina; Hermanns, Iris; Pinto, Antonio; Konstantinides, Stavros; ten Cate, Hugo; Lackner, Karl J.; Münzel, Thomas; Espinola-Klein, Christine; Wild, Philipp
aging_maturation_and_growth_o-20220612154213497.pdf.jpg201313-Jun-2022Aging, maturation and growth of sauropodomorph dinosaurs as deduced from growth curves using long bone histological data : an assessment of methodological constraints and solutionsGriebeler, Eva Maria; Klein, Nicole; Sander, P. Martin
altered_functional_connectivi-20220817172355514.pdf.jpg201419-Aug-2022Altered functional connectivity between emotional and cognitive resting state networks in euthymic bipolar I disorder patientsLois, Giannis; Linke, Julia; Wessa, Michèle
altered_wholebrain_white_matt-20220913193633621.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Altered whole-brain white matter networks in preclinical Alzheimer's diseaseFischer, Florian Udo; Wolf, Dominik; Scheurich, Armin; Fellgiebel, Andreas
antioxidant_functions_of_the_-20220620094739954.pdf.jpg201620-Jun-2022Antioxidant functions of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)Dietrich, Cornelia
assessment_of_sensitization_t-20220712201241292.pdf.jpg201513-Jul-2022Assessment of sensitization to grape and wine allergens as possible causes of adverse reactions to wine : a pilot studyJäckels, Nadine; Bellinghausen, Iris; Fronk, Petra; Heydenreich, Bärbel; Saloga, Joachim; Decker, Heinz
associations_between_depressi-20220616161126582.pdf.jpg201320-Jun-2022Associations between depression and different measures of obesity (BMI, WC, WHtR, WHR)Wiltink, Jörg; Michal, Matthias; Wild, Philipp; Zwiener, Isabella; Blettner, Maria; Münzel, Thomas; Schulz, Andreas; Kirschner, Yvonne; Beutel, Manfred E.
axonglia_interaction_and_memb-20220612155014092.pdf.jpg201413-Jun-2022Axon-glia interaction and membrane traffic in myelin formationWhite, Robin; Albers, Eva-Maria
bacteriomelocalized_intracell-20220712094137392.pdf.jpg201612-Jul-2022Bacteriome-localized intracellular symbionts in pollen-feeding beetles of the genus dasytes (Coleoptera, Dasytidae)Weiss, Benjamin; Kaltenpoth, Martin
beamhardening_correction_by_a-20220710222815614.pdf.jpg201512-Jul-2022Beam-hardening correction by a surface fitting and phase classification by a least square support vector machine approach for tomography images of geological samplesKhan, F.; Enzmann, Frieder; Kersten, Michael
bonfils_intubation_fibrescope-20220710234115746.pdf.jpg201612-Jul-2022Bonfils intubation fibrescope : use in simulation-based intubation training for medical students in comparison to MacIntosh laryngoscopeLimbach, Tobias; Ott, Thomas; Griesinger, Jan; Jahn-Eimermacher, Antje; Piepho, Tim
braces_versus_invisalign®___g-20220913190325063.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Braces versus Invisalign® : gingival parameters and patients' satisfaction during treatment : a cross-sectional studyAzaripour, Adriano; Weusmann, Jens; Mahmoodi, Benjamin; Peppas, D.; Gerhold-Ay, Aslihan; Van Noorden, C. J. F.; Willershausen, Brita
cabra__cluster_and_annotate_b-20220520131714935.pdf.jpg201623-May-2022CABRA: cluster and annotate BLAST results algorithmMier, Pablo; Andrade, Miguel
cerament_treatment_of_fractur-20220710210658678.pdf.jpg201411-Jul-2022CERAMENT treatment of fracture defects (CERTiFy) : protocol for a prospective, multicenter, randomized study investigating the use of CERament™ BONE VOID FILLER in tibial plateau fracturesNusselt, Thomas; Hofmann, Alexander; Wachtlin, Daniel; Gorbulev, Stanislav; Rommens, Pol Maria
chesmapper___chemical_space_m-20220714110723295.pdf.jpg201215-Jul-2022CheS-Mapper : Chemical Space Mapping and visualization in 3DGütlein, Martin; Karwath, Andreas; Kramer, Stefan
Items in the collection (Sorted by Title in ascending order): 1 to 20 of 181