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the_soluble_loop_bc_region_gu-20220612152254088.pdf.jpg201713-Jun-2022The soluble loop BC region guides, but not dictates, the assembly of the transmembrane cytochrome b6Tome-Stangl, Lydia; Schätzel, Cornelia; Tenzer, Stefan; Bernhard, Frank; Schneider, Dirk
identification_of_plakortide_-20220510090302657.pdf.jpg201410-May-2022Identification of plakortide E from the Caribbean sponge Plakortis halichondroides as a trypanocidal protease inhibitor using bioactivity-guided fractionationOli, Swarna; Abdelmohsen, Usama Ramadan; Hentschel, Ute; Schirmeister, Tanja
identification_and_characteri-20220712204503235.pdf.jpg201213-Jul-2022Identification and characterization of aging products in the glyoxal/ammonium sulfate system : implications for light-absorbing material in atmospheric aerosolsKampf, Christopher Johannes; Jakob, Ronit; Hoffmann, Thorsten
18fclick_labeling_and_preclin-20220714111456125.pdf.jpg201315-Jul-202218F-click labeling and preclinical evaluation of a new 18F-folate for PET imagingSchieferstein, Hanno; Betzel, Thomas; Fischer, Cindy R.; Ross, Tobias
targeting_angiogenesis_by_phy-20220715121718964.pdf.jpg201315-Jul-2022Targeting angiogenesis by phytochemicalsKadioglu, Onat; Seo, Ean Jeong; Efferth, Thomas
identification_of_trichlormet-20220713090351432.pdf.jpg201515-Jul-2022Identification of trichlormethiazide as a Mdr1a/b gene expression enhancer via a dual secretion-based promoter assaySchulze, Sarina; Reinhardt, Sven; Freese, Christian; Schmitt, Ulrich; Endres, Kristina
beamhardening_correction_by_a-20220710222815614.pdf.jpg201512-Jul-2022Beam-hardening correction by a surface fitting and phase classification by a least square support vector machine approach for tomography images of geological samplesKhan, F.; Enzmann, Frieder; Kersten, Michael
nonsecreted_clusterin_isoform-20220712210353740.pdf.jpg201314-Jul-2022Non-secreted clusterin isoforms are translated in rare amounts from distinct human mRNA variants and do not affect bax-mediated apoptosis or the NF-kappaB signaling pathwayProchnow, Hans; Gollan, Rene; Rohne, Philipp; Hassemer, Matthias; Koch-Brandt, Claudia; Baiersdörfer, Markus
urban_sustainability_as_a_pol-20220712210608588.pdf.jpg201714-Jul-2022Urban sustainability as a political instrument in the Gulf region exemplified by projects in Abu DhabiCummings, Veronika; Richthofen, Aurel von
prediction_of_cancer_drug_res-20220913190849926.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Prediction of cancer drug resistance and implications for personalized medicineVolm, Manfred; Efferth, Thomas