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psychodynamic_motivation_and_-20220710233030698.pdf.jpg201312-Jul-2022Psychodynamic motivation and training program (PMT) for the secondary prevention in patients with stable coronary heart disease : study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of feasibility and effectsMichal, Matthias; Simon, Perikles; Gori, Tommaso; König, Jochem; Wild, Philipp; Wiltink, Jörg; Tug, Suzan; Sterzing, Björn; Unterrainer, Josef; Münzel, Thomas; Beutel, Manfred E.
do_patient_characteristics_pr-20220710210913422.pdf.jpg201611-Jul-2022Do patient characteristics predict outcome of psychodynamic psychotheraphie for social anxiety disorder?Wiltink, Jörg; Hoyer, Jürgen; Beutel, Manfred E.; Ruckes, Christian; Herpertz, Stephan; Joraschky, Peter; Koranyi, Susan; Michal, Matthias; Nolting, Björn; Pöhlmann, Karin; Salzer, Simone; Strauss, Bernhard; Leibing, Eric; Leichsenring, Falk
differential_associations_of_-20220710235428451.pdf.jpg201312-Jul-2022Differential associations of depressive symptom dimensions with cardio-vascular disease in the community : results from the gutenberg health studyMichal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Kirschner, Yvonne; Wild, Philipp; Münzel, Thomas; Ojeda, Francisco M.; Zeller, Tanja; Schnabel, Renate B.; Lackner, Karl J.; Blettner, Maria; Zwiener, Isabella; Beutel, Manfred E.
noise_annoyance_is_associated-20220914003637355.pdf.jpg20165-Oct-2022Noise annoyance is associated with depression and anxiety in the general population : the contribution of aircraft noiseBeutel, Manfred E.; Jünger, Claus; Klein, Eva M.; Wild, Philipp; Lackner, Karl J.; Blettner, Maria; Binder, Harald; Michal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Brähler, Elmar; Münzel, Thomas
depression_anxiety_and_suicid-20220712205936012.pdf.jpg201614-Jul-2022Depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation among 1st and 2nd generation migrants : results from the Gutenberg health studyBeutel, Manfred E.; Jünger, Claus; Klein, Eva M.; Wild, Philipp; Lackner, Karl J.; Blettner, Maria; Banerjee, Mita; Michal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Brähler, Elmar
mini__social_phobia_inventory-20220914235223382.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022Mini - social phobia inventory (mini-SPIN) : psychometric properties and population based norms of the German versionWiltink, Jörg; Kliem, Sören; Michal, Matthias; Subic-Wrana, Claudia; Reiner, Iris; Beutel, Manfred E.; Brähler, Elmar; Zwerenz, Rüdiger
a_case_series_of_223_patients-20220925155824080.pdf.jpg201613-Oct-2022A case series of 223 patients with depersonalization-derealization syndromeMichal, Matthias; Adler, Julia; Wiltink, Jörg; Reiner, Iris; Tschan, Regine; Wölfling, Klaus; Weimert, Sabine; Tuin, Inka; Subic-Wrana, Claudia; Beutel, Manfred E.; Zwerenz, Rüdiger
depersonalization_disorder___-20220924203026050.pdf.jpg20136-Oct-2022Depersonalization disorder : disconnection of cognitive evaluation from autonomic responses to emotional stimuliMichal, Matthias; Koechel, Ansgar; Canterino, Marco; Adler, Julia; Reiner, Iris; Vossel, Gerhard; Beutel, Manfred E.; Gamer, Matthias
striking_discrepancy_of_anoma-20220925143955871.pdf.jpg201413-Oct-2022Striking discrepancy of anomalous body experiences with normal interoceptive accuracy in depersonalization-derealization disorderMichal, Matthias; Reuchlein, Bettina; Adler, Julia; Reiner, Iris; Beutel, Manfred E.; Vögele, Claus; Schächinger, Hartmut; Schulz, André
emotional_and_tangible_social-20220925143402153.pdf.jpg201712-Oct-2022Emotional and tangible social support in a German population-based sample : development and validation of the Brief Social Support Scale (BS6)Beutel, Manfred E.; Brähler, Elmar; Wiltink, Jörg; Michal, Matthias; Klein, Eva M.; Jünger, Claus; Wild, Philipp; Münzel, Thomas; Blettner, Maria; Lackner, Karl J.; Nickels, Stefan; Tibubos, Ana N.