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relation_between_arterial_sti-20220913210810810.pdf.jpg20174-Oct-2022Relation between arterial stiffness and markers of inflammation and hemostasis : data from the population-based Gutenberg Health StudyArnold, Natalie; Gori, Tommaso; Schnabel, Renate B.; Schulz, Andreas; Prochaska, Jürgen H.; Zeller, Tanja; Binder, Harald; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Beutel, Manfred E.; Espinola-Klein, Christine; Lackner, Karl J.; Blankenberg, Stefan; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp
effects_of_clopidogrel_prasug-20220913191746559.pdf.jpg201414-Sep-2022Effects of clopidogrel, prasugrel and ticagrelor on endothelial function, inflammatory and oxidative stress parameters and platelet function in patients undergoing coronary artery stenting for an acute coronary syndrome : a randomised, prospective, controlled studySchnorbus, Boris; Daiber, Andreas; Jurk, Kerstin; Warnke, Silke; König, Jochem; Krahn, Ulrike; Lackner, Karl J.; Münzel, Thomas; Gori, Tommaso
psychodynamic_motivation_and_-20220710233030698.pdf.jpg201312-Jul-2022Psychodynamic motivation and training program (PMT) for the secondary prevention in patients with stable coronary heart disease : study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of feasibility and effectsMichal, Matthias; Simon, Perikles; Gori, Tommaso; König, Jochem; Wild, Philipp; Wiltink, Jörg; Tug, Suzan; Sterzing, Björn; Unterrainer, Josef; Münzel, Thomas; Beutel, Manfred E.
differential_associations_of_-20220710235428451.pdf.jpg201312-Jul-2022Differential associations of depressive symptom dimensions with cardio-vascular disease in the community : results from the gutenberg health studyMichal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Kirschner, Yvonne; Wild, Philipp; Münzel, Thomas; Ojeda, Francisco M.; Zeller, Tanja; Schnabel, Renate B.; Lackner, Karl J.; Blettner, Maria; Zwiener, Isabella; Beutel, Manfred E.
pentaerythritol_tetranitrate_-20221007113503071.pdf.jpg20177-Oct-2022Pentaerythritol tetranitrate in vivo treatment improves oxidative stress and vascular disfunction by supression of endothelin-1 signaling in monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertensionSteven, Sebastian; Oelze, Matthias; Brandt, Moritz; Ullmann, Elisabeth; Kröller-Schön, Swenja; Heeren, Tjebo; Tran, Lan P.; Daub, Steffen; Dib, Mobin; Stalleicken, Dirk; Wenzel, Philip; Münzel, Thomas; Daiber, Andreas
the_ophthalmic_branch_of_the_-20220914003748396.pdf.jpg20155-Oct-2022The ophthalmic branch of the Gutenberg Health Study : study design, cohort profile and self-reported diseasesHöhn, René; Kottler, Ulrike; Peto, Tunde; Blettner, Maria; Münzel, Thomas; Blankenberg, Stefan; Lackner, Karl J.; Beutel, Manfred E.; Wild, Philipp; Pfeiffer, Norbert
noise_annoyance_is_associated-20220914003637355.pdf.jpg20165-Oct-2022Noise annoyance is associated with depression and anxiety in the general population : the contribution of aircraft noiseBeutel, Manfred E.; Jünger, Claus; Klein, Eva M.; Wild, Philipp; Lackner, Karl J.; Blettner, Maria; Binder, Harald; Michal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Brähler, Elmar; Münzel, Thomas
longterm_outcome_of_bioresorb-20220925163420285.pdf.jpg201714-Oct-2022Long-term outcome of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds for the treatment of coronary artery disease : a meta-analysis of RCTsPolimeni, Alberto; Anadol, Remzi; Münzel, Thomas; Indolfi, Ciro; De Rosa, Salvatore; Gori, Tommaso
steeper_iris_conicity_is_rela-20221004123332278.pdf.jpg20174-Oct-2022Steeper iris conicity is related to a shallower anterior chamber : the Gutenberg Health StudySchuster, Alexander K.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Nickels, Stefan; Schulz, Andreas; Wild, Philipp; Blettner, Maria; Lackner, Karl J.; Beutel, Manfred E.; Münzel, Thomas; Vossmerbäumer, Urs
role_of_protein_kinase_c_and_-20221005105350588.pdf.jpg20175-Oct-2022Role of protein kinase C and Nox2-derived reactive oxygen species formation in the activation and maturation of dendritic cells by phorbol ester and lipopolysaccharideStein, Judith; Steven, Sebastian; Bros, Matthias; Sudowe, Stephan; Hausding, Michael; Oelze, Matthias; Münzel, Thomas; Grabbe, Stephan; Reske-Kunz, Angelika B.; Daiber, Andreas