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aging_maturation_and_growth_o-20220612154213497.pdf.jpg201313-Jun-2022Aging, maturation and growth of sauropodomorph dinosaurs as deduced from growth curves using long bone histological data : an assessment of methodological constraints and solutionsGriebeler, Eva Maria; Klein, Nicole; Sander, P. Martin
axonglia_interaction_and_memb-20220612155014092.pdf.jpg201413-Jun-2022Axon-glia interaction and membrane traffic in myelin formationWhite, Robin; Albers, Eva-Maria
testesspecific_hemoglobins_in-20220612162942177.pdf.jpg201214-Jun-2022Testes-specific hemoglobins in drosophila evolved by a combination of sub- and neofunctionalization after gene duplicationGleixner, Eva; Herlyn, Holger; Zimmerling, Stefan; Burmester, Thorsten; Hankeln, Thomas
crematoenones__a_novel_substa-20220614091310310.pdf.jpg201314-Jun-2022Crematoenones - a novel substance class exhibited by ants functions as appeasement signalMenzel, Florian; Blüthgen, Nico; Tolasch, Till; Conrad, Jürgen; Beifuß, Uwe; Beuerle, Till; Schmitt, Thomas
feces_production_as_a_form_of-20220512091658363.pdf.jpg201512-May-2022Feces production as a form of social immunity in an insect with facultative maternal careDiehl, Janina M. C.; Körner, Maximilian; Pietsch, Michael; Meunier, Joël
the_pioneering_role_of_prdm9_-20220612153051108.pdf.jpg201613-Jun-2022The pioneering role of PRDM9 indel mutations in tarsier evolutionHeerschop, Sacha; Zischler, Hans; Merker, Stefan; Perwitasari-Farajallah, Dyah; Driller, Christine
cabra__cluster_and_annotate_b-20220520131714935.pdf.jpg201623-May-2022CABRA: cluster and annotate BLAST results algorithmMier, Pablo; Andrade, Miguel
correcting_for_the_study_bias-20220612170336783.pdf.jpg201520-Jun-2022Correcting for the study bias associated with protein-protein interaction measurements reveals differences between protein degree distributions from different cancer typesSchaefer, Martin H.; Serrano, Luis; Andrade, Miguel
much_more_than_old_wine_in_ne-20220620095537099.pdf.jpg201720-Jun-2022Much more than old wine in new skins : students' and adults' knowledge on grapevine and vineyards as a starting point for new topics in schoolAlbedyll, Astrid von; Vogt, Lisa; Dreesmann, Daniel
the_serinethreonine_kinase_33-20220710233926190.pdf.jpg201512-Jul-2022The serine/threonine kinase 33 is present and expressed in palaeognath birds but has become a unitary pseudogene in neognaths about 100 million years agoLautwein, Tobias; Lerch, Steffen; Schäfer, Daniel; Schmidt, Erwin Robert