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58549.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Ddpd as expanded terpyridine : dramatic effects of symmetry and electronic properties in first row transition metal complexesFörster, Christoph; Dorn, Matthias; Reuter, Thomas; Otto, Sven; Davarci, Güllü; Reich, Tobias; Carrella, Luca; Rentschler, Eva; Heinze, Katja
59108.pdf.jpg201917-Jun-2019Instant kit preparation of 68Ga-radiopharmaceuticals via the hybrid chelator DATA : clinical translation of [68Ga]Ga-DATA-TOCSinnes, Jean-Philippe; Nagel, Johannes; Waldron, Bradley P.; Maina, Theodosia; Nock, Berthold A.; Bergmann, Ralf K.; Ullrich, Martin; Pietzsch, Jens; Bachmann, Michael; Baum, Richard P.; Rösch, Frank
58101.pdf.jpg201823-Apr-2018A visible light-driven Minisci-type reaction with N-hydroxyphthalimide estersKammer, Lisa Marie; Rahman, Aliyaah; Opatz, Till
59390.pdf.jpg20194-Nov-2019AAZTA5/AAZTA5-TOC: synthesis and radiochemical evaluation with 68Ga, 44Sc and 177LuSinnes, Jean-Philippe; Nagel, Johannes; Rösch, Frank
weitzel_maximilian-application_of-20210128130038627.pdf.jpg202028-Jan-2021Application of holography and automated image processing for laboratory experiments on mass and fall speed of small cloud ice crystalsWeitzel, Maximilian; Mitra, Subir K.; Szakáll, Miklós; Fugal, Jacob P.; Borrmann, Stephan
düppre_eva-the_j‐_and_g/f-20210108101701006.pdf.jpg20208-Jan-2021The J‐ and G/F‐domains of the major Synechocystis DnaJ protein Sll0897 are sufficient for cell viability but not for heat resistanceDüppre, Eva; Schneider, Dirk
weloe_marcel-application_of-20210128123244675.pdf.jpg202128-Jan-2021Application of time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometry for the real-time measurement of particle-phase organic peroxides: an online redox derivatization–aerosol mass spectrometer (ORD-AMS)Weloe, Marcel; Hoffmann, Thorsten
sarkar_aritra-impact_of_ndi‐-20201021104304986.pdf.jpg202021-Oct-2020Impact of NDI‐core substitution on the pH‐responsive nature of peptide‐tethered luminescent supramolecular polymersSarkar, Aritra; Kölsch, Jonas C.; Berač, Christian M.; Venugopal, Akhil; Sasmal, Ranjan; Otter, Ronja; Besenius, Pol; George, Subi J.
haas_raphael-development_of-20210503150034155.pdf.jpg202025-May-2021Development of a recoil ion source providing slow Th ions including 229(m)Th in a broad charge state distributionHaas, Raphael; Kieck, Tom; Budker, Dmitry; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Groot-Berning, Karin; Li, Wenbing; Renisch, Dennis; Schmidt-Kaler, Ferdinand; Stopp, Felix; Viatkina, Anna
rieth_thorsten-impact_of_subs-20210209120653929.pdf.jpg20209-Feb-2021Impact of substitution pattern and chain length on the thermotropic properties of alkoxy-substituted triphenyl-tristriazolotriazinesRieth, Thorsten; Tober, Natalie; Limbach, Daniel; Haspel, Tobias; Sperner, Marcel; Schupp, Niklas; Wicker, Philipp; Glang, Stefan; Lehmann, Matthias; Detert, Heiner