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58549.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Ddpd as expanded terpyridine : dramatic effects of symmetry and electronic properties in first row transition metal complexesFörster, Christoph; Dorn, Matthias; Reuter, Thomas; Otto, Sven; Davarci, Güllü; Reich, Tobias; Carrella, Luca; Rentschler, Eva; Heinze, Katja
58550.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Implementation of electrochemical, optical and denuder-based sensors and sampling techniques on UAV for volcanic gas measurements : examples from Masaya, Turrialba and Stromboli volcanoesRüdiger, Julian; Tirpitz, Jan-Lukas; Moor, J. Maarten de; Bobrowski, Nicole; Gutmann, Alexandra; Liuzzo, Marco; Ibarra, Martha; Hoffmann, Thorsten
59108.pdf.jpg201917-Jun-2019Instant kit preparation of 68Ga-radiopharmaceuticals via the hybrid chelator DATA : clinical translation of [68Ga]Ga-DATA-TOCSinnes, Jean-Philippe; Nagel, Johannes; Waldron, Bradley P.; Maina, Theodosia; Nock, Berthold A.; Bergmann, Ralf K.; Ullrich, Martin; Pietzsch, Jens; Bachmann, Michael; Baum, Richard P.; Rösch, Frank
58101.pdf.jpg201823-Apr-2018A visible light-driven Minisci-type reaction with N-hydroxyphthalimide estersKammer, Lisa Marie; Rahman, Aliyaah; Opatz, Till
59390.pdf.jpg20194-Nov-2019AAZTA5/AAZTA5-TOC: synthesis and radiochemical evaluation with 68Ga, 44Sc and 177LuSinnes, Jean-Philippe; Nagel, Johannes; Rösch, Frank
3845.pdf.jpg20141-Oct-2014Biologisch aktive Sekundärmetabolite aus Pflanzen und Pilzen : Phenanthro-Alkaloide ; phytotoxische DioxolanoneStoye, Alexander
3841.pdf.jpg201423-Sep-2014Development and application of mass-spectrometric methods for the quantification and characterization of organic compounds in ice coresMüller-Tautges, Christina
3846.pdf.jpg201421-Oct-2014Plasmonic nanoparticles as sensors : a novel approach to quantify adsorption and diffusion kineticsKleiner, Verena
905.pdf.jpg20059-Dec-2005New synthetic strategies to tethered bilayer lipid membranesBreffa, Catherine
100003016.pdf.jpg20191-Aug-2019Poly(S-Alkylsulfonyl-L-Cysteine) in Modular Nanoparticle Synthesis : exploring key factors from disulfide stabilization, polypept(o)ide architectures to secondary structuresSchäfer, Olga