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59866.pdf.jpg202010-Jun-2020Amyloidogenic peptides in human neuro-degenerative diseases and in microorganisms : a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved?Endres, Kristina
59867.pdf.jpg202010-Jun-2020Predictors for target vessel failure after recanalization of chronic total occlusions in patients undergoing surveillance coronary angiographyGeyer, Martin; Wild, Johannes; Hirschmann, Marc; Dimitriadis, Zisis; Münzel, Thomas; Gori, Tommaso; Wenzel, Philip
59865.pdf.jpg202010-Jun-2020The cell cycle checkpoint system MAST(L)-ENSA/ARPP19-PP2A is targeted by cAMP/PKA and cGMP/PKG in anucleate human plateletsKumm, Elena J.; Pagel, Oliver; Gambaryan, Stepan; Walter, Ulrich; Zahedi, René P.; Smolenski, Albert; Jurk, Kerstin
rezapour_jasmin-prevalence_and-20201016123926059.pdf.jpg202026-Oct-2020Prevalence and new onset of depression and anxiety among participants with AMD in a European cohortRezapour, Jasmin; Schuster, Alexander K.; Nickels, Stefan; Korb, Christina A.; Elbaz, Hisham; Peto, Tunde; Michal, Matthias; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp S.; König, Jochem; Lackner, Karl; Schulz, Andreas; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Beutel, Manfred E.
li_huige-renal_effects_-20201016134628305.pdf.jpg202019-Oct-2020Renal effects of fetal reprogramming with pentaerythritol tetranitrate in spontaneously hypertensive ratsMan, Andy W. C.; Chen, Min; Wu, Zhixiong; Reifenberg, Gisela; Daiber, Andreas; Münzel, Thomas; Xia, Ning; Li, Huige
hahn_felix-risk_stratific-20201015161959392.pdf.jpg202016-Oct-2020Risk stratification in advanced biliary tract cancer : validation of the A.L.A.N. scoreMüller, Lukas; Mähringer-Kunz, Aline; Jungmann, Florian; Tanyildizi, Yasemin; Bartsch, Fabian; Czauderna, Carolin; Düber, Christoph; Galle, Peter R.; Weinmann, Arndt; Kloeckner, Roman; Hahn, Felix
wagner_felix_mathias-efficacy_and_s-20201016132946009.pdf.jpg202026-Oct-2020Efficacy and safety of XEN®-implantation vs. trabeculectomy : data of a “real-world” settingWagner, Felix Mathias; Schuster, Alexander Karl-Georg; Emmerich, Julia; Chronopoulos, Panagiotis; Hoffmann, Esther Maria
59868.pdf.jpg202010-Jun-2020QFR predicts the incidence of long-term adverse events in patients with suspected CAD : feasibility and reproducibility of the methodBuono, Andrea; Mühlenhaus, Annika; Schäfer, Tabitha; Trieb, Ann-Kristin; Schmeißer, Julian; Koppe, Franziska; Münzel, Thomas; Anadol, Remzi; Gori, Tommaso
59889.pdf.jpg202029-Jun-2020High/low cortisol reactivity and food intake in people with obesity and healthy weightHerhaus, Benedict; Ullmann, Enrico; Chrousos, George; Petrowski, Katja
59890.pdf.jpg202029-Jun-2020Automated grading of cerebral vasospasm to standardize computed tomography angiography examinations after subarachnoid hemorrhageNeulen, Axel; Kunzelmann, Svenja; Kosterhon, Michael; Pantel, Tobias; Stein, Maximilian; Berres, Manfred; Ringel, Florian; Brockmann, Marc; Brockmann, Carolin; Kantelhardt, Sven Rainer