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isomag—an_automated_system_fo-20220111133140626.pdf.jpg202114-Jan-2022IsoMAG: an automated system for the immunomagnetic isolation of squamous cell carcinoma-derived dirculating tumor dellsGribko, Alena; Stiefel, Janis; Liebetanz, Lana; Nagel, Sophie Madeleine; Künzel, Julian; Wandrey, Madita; Hagemann, Jan; Stauber, Roland H.; Freese, Christian; Gül, Désirée
is_hyperspectral_imaging_suit-20220111122323714.pdf.jpg202112-Jan-2022Is hyperspectral imaging suitable for assessing collateral circulation prior radial forearm free flap harvesting? : Comparison of hyperspectral imaging and conventional Allen’s testHeimes, Diana; Becker, Philipp; Thiem, Daniel G. E.; Kuchen, Robert; Kyyak, Solomiya; Kämmerer, Peer W.
profiling_cisplatin_resistanc-20220111132252563.pdf.jpg202114-Jan-2022Profiling cisplatin resistance in head and neck cancer : a critical role of the VRAC ion channel for chemoresistanceSiemer, Svenja; Fauth, Thorsten; Scholz, Paul; Al-Zamel, Yara; Khamis, Aya; Gül, Désirée; Freudelsperger, Laura; Wollenberg, Barbara; Becker, Sven; Stauber, Roland H.; Hagemann, Jan
new_approach_to_the_old_chall-20220111133923447.pdf.jpg202117-Jan-2022New approach to the old challenge of free flap monitoring : hyperspectral imaging outperforms clinical assessment by earlier detection of perfusion failureThiem, Daniel G. E.; Römer, Paul; Blatt, Sebastian; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
risk_factors_for_poorer_healt-20220111115107382.pdf.jpg202114-Jan-2022Risk factors for poorer health literacy in patients with liver cirrhosisKaps, Leonard; Hildebrand, Katharina; Nagel, Michael; Michel, Maurice; Kremer, Wolfgang Maximilian; Hilscher, Max; Galle, Peter R.; Schattenberg, Jörn M.; Wörns, Marcus-Alexander; Labenz, Christian
hartig_renée-genetic_influe-20210422214702404.pdf.jpg202118-May-2021Genetic influences of autism candidate genes on circuit wiring and olfactory decodingHartig, Renée; Wolf, David; Schmeisser, Michael J.; Kelsch, Wolfgang
rojas-charry_liliana-abnormalities_-20210423151435856.pdf.jpg202129-Apr-2021Abnormalities of synaptic mitochondria in autism spectrum disorder and related neurodevelopmental disordersRojas-Charry, Liliana; Nardi, Leonardo; Methner, Axel; Schmeisser, Michael J.
germerott_tanja-penetrating_ey-20210423134002137.pdf.jpg202130-Apr-2021Penetrating eye injury by dartGermerott, Tanja; Mann, N.; Axmann, S.
wild_johannes-myeloid_cells-20210430210756292.pdf.jpg202119-May-2021Myeloid cells, tissue homeostasis, and anatomical barriers as innate immune effectors in arterial hypertensionWild, Johannes; Wenzel, Philip
turner_daniel-the_associatio-20210802105528172.pdf.jpg20212-Aug-2021The association between adverse childhood experiences and mental health problems in young offendersTurner, Daniel; Wolf, Anne Jule; Barra, Steffen; Müller, Marcus; Gregório Hertz, Priscilla; Huss, Michael; Tüscher, Oliver; Retz, Wolfgang