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59864.pdf.jpg20205-Jun-2020Sexual attraction modulates interpersonal distance and approach-avoidance movements towards virtual agents in malesWelsch, Robin; Castell, Christoph von; Rettenberger, Martin; Turner, Daniel; Hecht, Heiko; Fromberger, Peter
kubiak_t.-psychosocial_a-20210802214834204.pdf.jpg20203-Aug-2021Psychosocial aspects of diabetes technologyKubiak, Thomas; Priesterroth, Lilli; Barnard-Kelly, K. D.
frenken_marius-a_uniform_cons-20211021120911051.pdf.jpg202126-Oct-2021A uniform conspiracy mindset or differentiated reactions to specific conspiracy beliefs? : Evidence from latent profile analysesFrenken, Marius; Imhoff, Roland
michel-kröhler_alena-self-distancin-20211026120519665.pdf.jpg202112-Apr-2022Self-distancing as a strategy to regulate affect and aggressive behavior in athletes: an experimental approach to explore emotion regulation in the laboratoryMichel-Kröhler, Alena; Kaurin, Aleksandra; Heil, Lutz Felix; Berti, Stefan
hecht_heiko-inverting_the_-20211122102815038.pdf.jpg202122-Nov-2021Inverting the Wollaston illusion : gaze direction attracts perceived head orientationHecht, Heiko; Wilhelm, Ariane; Castell, Christoph von
physical_distancing_and_the_p-20220411113808181.pdf.jpg202111-Apr-2022Physical distancing and the perception of interpersonal distance in the COVID-19 crisisWelsch, Robin; Wessels, Marlene; Bernhard, Christoph; Thönes, Sven; Castell, Christoph von
fischenich_alexander-temporal_loudn-20211103105946870.pdf.jpg20213-Nov-2021Temporal loudness weights are frequency specificFischenich, Alexander; Hots, Jan; Verhey, Jesko; Oberfeld, Daniel
lutz-kopp_caroline-development_i-20211112122726816.pdf.jpg202112-Nov-2021Development, implementation and first evaluation of an online portal to promote the mental health of university students (me@JGU)Lutz-Kopp, Caroline; Luka-Krausgrill, Ursula; Honsbrok, Bettina; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Gropalis, Maria
patterns_of_domainspecific_le-20220509101216285.pdf.jpg202231-May-2023Patterns of domain-specific learning among medical undergraduate students in relation to confidence in their physiology knowledge : insights from a pre–post studyRoeper, Jochen; Reichert-Schlax, Jasmin; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Klose, Verena; Weber, Maruschka; Nagel, Marie-Theres
mülder_lina_marie-antecedents_an-20211109114627345.pdf.jpg20219-Nov-2021Antecedents and moderation effects of maladaptive coping behaviors among German university studentsMülder, Lina Marie; Deci, Nicole; Werner, Antonia Maria; Reichel, Jennifer L.; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Heller, Sebastian; Schäfer, Markus; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Edelmann, Dennis; Dietz, Pavel; Beutel, Manfred E.; Letzel, Stephan; Rigotti, Thomas