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borghardt_liv-neuroscientifi-20211116122137452.pdf.jpg202124-Mar-2022Neuroscientific research on the processing of easy languageBorghardt, Liv; Deilen, Silvana; Fuchs, Julia; Gros, Anne-Kathrin; Hansen-Schirra, Silvia; Nagels, Arne; Schiffl, Laura; Sommer, Johanna
wiese_wanja-the_science_of-20200907120637051.pdf.jpg20207-Sep-2020The science of consciousness does not need another theory, it needs a minimal unifying modelWiese, Wanja
scheiding_oliver-indie_magazine-20201216123326012.pdf.jpg202015-Dec-2020Indie magazines as brands : aesthetic communication and designing the "kinfolk" experienceScheiding, Oliver
barnerjee_mita-narratives_and-20210106121559205.pdf.jpg20207-Jan-2021Narratives and their impact on students’ information seeking and critical online reasoning in higher education economics and medicineBanerjee, Mita; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Roeper, Jochen
anderson_natascha-independent_ma-20201218094415931.pdf.jpg202018-Dec-2020Independent magazines todayAnderson, Natascha; Fazli, Sabina; Scheiding, Oliver
wiemer_björn-how_morphologi-20210422212142752.pdf.jpg202018-May-2021How morphologically related synonyms come to make up a paradigmWiemer, Björn; Wrzesień-Kwiatkowska, Joanna; Wyroślak, Piotr
wiemer_björn-when_(inter)su-20210421191637284.pdf.jpg20204-May-2021When (inter)subjectification ties up with grammaticalization and related changes : Van Olmen, Daniёl, Hubert Cuyckens & Lobke Ghesquière (eds.), Aspects of grammaticalization : (inter)subjectification and directionality (Trends in linguistics. Studies and monographs 305)Wiemer, Björn
mahdiani_hamideh-resilience_in_-20210518102200303.pdf.jpg202018-May-2021Resilience in times of economic boom and bust : a narrative study of a rural population dependent upon the oil and gas industryMahdiani, Hamideh; Höltge, Jan; Theron, Linda; Ungar, Michael
riedinger_miriam-asymmetries_in-20211028110320791.pdf.jpg20212-Nov-2021Asymmetries in accessing vowel representations are driven by phonological and acoustic properties : neural and behavioral evidence from natural German minimal pairsRiedinger, Miriam; Nagels, Arne; Werth, Alexander; Scharinger, Mathias
christ_tobias-»letzte_politu-20210421194954500.pdf.jpg20206-May-2021»letzte Politur«? : Hölderlins Elegie »Der Wanderer« in den Nachbearbeitungen von Schiller und MatthissonChrist, Tobias