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58433.pdf.jpg201814-Aug-2018Boost me: prevalence and reasons for the use of stimulant containing pre workout supplements among fitness studio visitors in Mainz (Germany)Dreher, Matthias; Ehlert, Tobias; Simon, Perikles; Neuberger, Elmo
58420.pdf.jpg20189-Aug-2018Relation between training load and recovery-stress state in high-performance swimmingCollette, Robert; Kellmann, Michael; Ferrauti, Alexander; Meyer, Tim; Pfeiffer, Mark
58413.pdf.jpg20188-Aug-2018Population-based validation of a German version of the Brief Resilience ScaleChmitorz, Andrea; Wenzel, Mario; Stieglitz, Rolf-Dieter; Kunzler, Angela; Bagusat, Christiana; Helmreich, Isabella; Gerlicher, Anna; Kampa, Miriam; Kubiak, Thomas; Kalisch, Raffael; Lieb, Klaus; Tüscher, Oliver
52481.pdf.jpg201520-Nov-2015The impact of working conditions and personality traits on the job satisfaction of media professionalsRimscha, Bjørn von
58813.pdf.jpg20196-Feb-2019A review of acute aerobic exercise and transcranial direct current stimulation effects on cognitive functions and their potential synergiesSteinberg, Fabian; Pixa, Nils; Fregni, Felipe
58660.pdf.jpg201826-Nov-2018Individualized web-based exercise for the treatment of depression : randomized controlled trialHaller, Nils; Lorenz, Sonja; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Koch, Cora; Lieb, Klaus; Dettweiler, Ulrich; Simon, Perikles; Jung, Patrick
58553.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Permanently online and permanently connected : development and validation of the Online Vigilance ScaleReinecke, Leonard; Klimmt, Christoph; Meier, Adrian; Reich, Sabine; Hefner, Dorothée; Knop-Huelss, Katharina; Rieger, Diana; Vorderer, Peter
58801.pdf.jpg201823-Jan-2019Acute effects of instructed and self-created variable rope skipping on EEG brain activity and heart rate variabilityJohn, Alexander; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang I.
58803.pdf.jpg201924-Jan-2019Web-based exercise as an effective complementary treatment for patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease : intervention studyPfirrmann, Daniel; Huber, Yvonne; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles
58802.pdf.jpg201824-Jan-2019Efficacy of a guided internet-based intervention (iSOMA) for somatic symptoms and related distress in university students : study protocol of a randomised controlled trialHennemann, Severin; Böhme, Katja; Baumeister, Harald; Bendig, Eileen; Kleinstäuber, Maria; Ebert, David Daniel; Witthöft, Michael