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58216.pdf.jpg20187-Jun-2018The two-systems account of theory of mind : testing the links to social-perceptual and cognitive abilitiesMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Daum, Moritz M.; Meinhardt, Günter; Persike, Malte
58433.pdf.jpg201814-Aug-2018Boost me: prevalence and reasons for the use of stimulant containing pre workout supplements among fitness studio visitors in Mainz (Germany)Dreher, Matthias; Ehlert, Tobias; Simon, Perikles; Neuberger, Elmo
58420.pdf.jpg20189-Aug-2018Relation between training load and recovery-stress state in high-performance swimmingCollette, Robert; Kellmann, Michael; Ferrauti, Alexander; Meyer, Tim; Pfeiffer, Mark
59041.pdf.jpg201923-Apr-2019Dynamic office environments improve brain activity and attentional performance mediated by increased motor activityHenz, Diana; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang
58660.pdf.jpg201826-Nov-2018Individualized web-based exercise for the treatment of depression : randomized controlled trialHaller, Nils; Lorenz, Sonja; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Koch, Cora; Lieb, Klaus; Dettweiler, Ulrich; Simon, Perikles; Jung, Patrick
59023.pdf.jpg201929-Mar-2019What is a media company today? : Rethinking theoretical and empirical definitionsVoci, Denise; Karmasin, Matthias; Nölleke-Przybylski, Pamela; Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter; Möller, Johanna; Rimscha, Bjørn von
58685.pdf.jpg201811-Dec-2018Modality-independent recruitment of inferior frontal cortex during speech processing in human infantsAltvater-Mackensen, Nicole; Grossmann, Tobias
59038.pdf.jpg201918-Apr-2019Convenience behavior and being overweight in adults : development and validation of the convenience behavior questionnaireDreher, Matthias; Hoffmann, Sascha W.; Brendel, Conny; Heser, David; Simon, Perikles
59040.pdf.jpg201918-Apr-2019Taking action or thinking about it? : State orientation and rumination are correlated in athletesKröhler, Alena; Berti, Stefan
59092.pdf.jpg20192-Jun-2019Patterns of structural and sequential ambidexterity in cross-border media managementNölleke-Przybylski, Pamela; Rimscha, Bjørn von; Möller, Johanna; Voci, Denise; Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter; Karmasin, Matthias