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how_to_compute_a_shape__optic-20220217123750581.pdf.jpg202122-Feb-2022How to compute a shape : optical character recognition for hieraticBermeitinger, Bernhard; Gülden, Svenja A.; Konrad, Tobias
the_messy_scribe_from_deir_el-20230707095457302.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023The messy scribe from Deir el-Medina : a palaeographical journey through the texts of a draughtsman, scribe, and poet from the 19th dynasty : Pay (i)Polis, Stéphane
materialität_textsorten_schre-20230707084225223.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Materialität, Textsorten, Schreiberhände : eine experimentelle digitale Analyse zu Schriftzeichen der 18. DynastieGülden, Svenja A.
kemit_writingboards_and_palae-20230707091306665.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Kemit, writing-boards, and palaeographic studiesMotte, Aurore
any_news_from_dahshur?_record-20230707092525427.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Any news from Dahshur? : Recording Ramesside secondary epigraphy in the South Temple of Senwosret IIINavratilova, Hana
the_hieratic_18th_dynasty_boo-20230707084927911.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023The hieratic 18th dynasty Book of the Dead of the Lady Hatnofer from the Egyptian Museum Cairo : preliminary overviewHassan, Khaled
hieratic_in_the_tomb_of_amene-20230707110209718.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Hieratic in the tomb of Ameneminet (TT 277) : epigraphic survey and comparisons among the script typologies present in the tombSartori, Marina
dating_of_literary_ostraca_wi-20230705141613217.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Dating of literary ostraca with the Hieratische Paläographie der nicht-literarischen Ostraka der 19. und 20. Dynastie by Stefan Wimmer : an experimentDorn, Andreas
quelles_«_richesses_inconnues-20230705094554185.pdf.jpg202225-Aug-2023Quelles « Richesses inconnues » dans le fonds inédit des ostraca littéraires de l’Ifao ? : Approches actuellesAlbert, Florence
hieratic_at_the_turn_of_the_2-20230705100913827.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Hieratic at the turn of the 20th and 21st dynasties : the case of the 21st dynasty graffiti from the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-BahariBarwik, Mirosław