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59030.pdf.jpg201912-Apr-2019Structure of mammalian plasma fetuin-B and its mechanism of selective metallopeptidase inhibitionCuppari, Anna; Körschgen, Hagen; Fahrenkamp, Dirk; Schmitz, Carlo; Guevara, Tibisay; Karmilin, Konstantin; Kuske, Michael; Olf, Mario; Dietzel, Eileen; Yiallouros, Irene; de Sanctis, Daniele; Goulas, Theodoros; Weiskirchen, Ralf; Jahnen-Dechent, Willi; Floehr, Julia; Stöcker, Walter; Jovine, Luca; Gomis-Rüth, F. Xavier
100001381.pdf.jpg201726-Jun-2017Analyse der Präsenz von 'stk33' im Reich 'Animalia' und Versuche zur Herstellung einer Zebrafisch KO-Linie mittels CRISPR/Cas9Lautwein, Tobias
100001382.pdf.jpg201727-Jun-2017RNA-Seq based decomposition of human cell lines and primary tumors for the identification and quantification of viral expressionBukur, Thomas
59058.pdf.jpg20197-May-2019Primate piRNA cluster evolution suggests limited relevance of pseudogenes in piRNA-mediated gene regulationGebert, Daniel; Zischler, Hans; Rosenkranz, David
59029.pdf.jpg201912-Apr-2019Literature optimized integration of gene expression for organ-specific evaluation of toxicogenomics datasetsTaškova, Katerina; Fontaine, Jean-Fred; Mrowka, Ralf; Andrade, Miguel
59042.pdf.jpg201923-Apr-2019Evolution-guided evaluation of the inverted terminal repeats of the synthetic transposon Sleeping BeautyScheuermann, Barbara; Diem, Tanja; Ivics, Zoltán; Andrade, Miguel
100001355.pdf.jpg201713-Jun-2017Palaeogenomic and biostatistical analysis of ancient DNA data from Mesolithic and Neolithic skeletal remainsHofmanova, Zuzana
100001335.pdf.jpg201731-May-2017The eventful history of a "living fossil" - phylogeny and phylogeography of Sulawesi tarsiersDriller, Christine
100001306.pdf.jpg201717-May-2017Role of the cell adhesion molecule L1 during neuroinflammation in the central nervous systemMenzel, Lutz
100001308.pdf.jpg201717-May-2017Cortical hyperactivity beyond immune attack : pivotal role of TNF-alpha in early Multiple SclerosisPramanik, Gautam Kumar