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58982.pdf.jpg201927-Feb-2019Post-mortem alteration of diet-related enamel surface textures through artificial biostratinomy : a tumbling experiment using mammal teethBöhm, Katrin; Winkler, Daniela; Kaiser, Thomas M.; Tütken, Thomas
3781.pdf.jpg201426-Aug-2014Die Microsauria des mitteleuropäischen RotliegendGlienke, Sabine
100000862.pdf.jpg20168-Dec-2016Unraveling the environmental record encoded in mollusk shell microstructuresMilano, Stefania
1187.pdf.jpg200627-Nov-2006Anatomy, phylogeny, and palaeoecology of the basal thalattosuchians (Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Liassic of Central EuropeMueller-Töwe, Inken Juliane
2807.pdf.jpg201124-Jun-2011High-resolution reconstruction of Holocene climate variability and environmental changes in the North Pacific using bivalve shellsHallmann, Nadine
100001090.pdf.jpg201716-Mar-2017The short-term climate variability of shallow marine environments in Central Europe during the OligoceneWalliser, Eric Otto
100001015.pdf.jpg201724-Feb-2017Evaluating growth patterns and element-to-calcium ratios of "Arctica islandica" (Bivalvia) shells as environmental proxiesMarali-Djame-Khiabani, Soraya
100001091.pdf.jpg201716-Mar-2017Deciphering the complexity of element incorporation into bivalve shellsZhao, Liqiang
908.pdf.jpg200516-Dec-2005Jaw mechanics of the pterosaur skull construction and the evolution of toothlessnessFastnacht, Michael
weber_katrin-experimental_a-20210518101319269.pdf.jpg202128-May-2021Experimental alteration of diet-related dental wear and isotope proxies in teeth - implications for fossil food web reconstruction of Permo-Carboniferous vertebratesWeber, Katrin