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2664.pdf.jpg197117-Feb-2011Probleme der Krimkriegsforschung : eine Studie über die Literatur des letzten Jahrzehnts (1961 - 1970)Baumgart, Winfried
58086.pdf.jpg201812-Apr-2018Comparative analyses of co-evolving host-parasite associations reveal unique gene expression patterns underlying slavemaker raiding and host defensive phenotypesAlleman, Austin; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Foitzik, Susanne
56302.pdf.jpg20137-Mar-2017Optimal ferromagnetically-coated carbon nanotube tips for ultra-high resolution magnetic force microscopyLisunova, Yuliya; Heidler, Jakoba; Levkivskyi, I.; Gaponenko, I.; Weber, A.; Caillier, Ch.; Heyderman, Laura J.; Kläui, Mathias; Paruch, P.
58084.pdf.jpg201811-Apr-2018Dynamics of associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms in relation to Alzheimer's disease captured with a new measure of linkage disequilibriumSys, Stanislav J.; Fournier, David; Horenko, Illia; Endres, Kristina; Gerber, Susanne
58085.pdf.jpg201811-Apr-2018Automated processing of NGS data from raw sequencing files to ready-to-use information tables for genome modelingDeelen, Robert; Wieland, Martin; Gerber, Susanne; Fournier, David
56301.pdf.jpg20107-Mar-2017In situ contacting and current-injection into samples in photoemission electron microscopesHeyne, L.; Kläui, Mathias; Rhensius, J.; Le Guyader, Loic; Nolting, Frithjof
56311.pdf.jpg20148-Mar-2017Magnetic anisotropy engineering in thin film Ni nanostructures by magnetoelastic couplingFinizio, Simone; Foerster, Michael; Buzzi, M.; Krüger, Benjamin; Jourdan, Martin; Vaz, Carlos A. F.; Hockel, J.; Miyawaki, T.; Tkach, Alexander; Valencia, S.; Kronast, F.; Carman, G. P.; Nolting, Frithjof; Kläui, Mathias
2672.pdf.jpg19682-Mar-2011Vor fünfzig Jahren - Oktober 1918 : eine DokumentationBaumgart, Winfried
58008.pdf.jpg201822-Mar-2018Towards a bulk approach to local interactions of hydrometeorsBaumgartner, Manuel; Spichtinger, Peter
58018.pdf.jpg201822-Mar-2018A scalable approach to the computation of invariant measures for high-dimensional Markovian systemsGerber, Susanne; Olsson, Simon; Noé, Frank; Horenko, Illia