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58509.pdf.jpg201817-Oct-2018Retinal and optic nerve degeneration in α-mannosidosisMatlach, Juliane; Zindel, Thea; Amraoui, Yasmina; Arash-Kaps, Laila; Hennermann, Julia B.; Pitz, Susanne
2923.pdf.jpg201017-Nov-2011Structure of the altitude adapted hemoglobin of Guinea pig in the R2-statePairet, Bruno; Jaenicke, Elmar
58758.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Personality traits and physical complaints in patients with acromegaly : a cross sectional multi-center study with analysis of influencing factorsZimmermann, Anca; Zwerenz, Rüdiger; Droste, Michael; Schöfl, Christof; Strasburger, Christian J.; Plöckinger, Ursula; Ziagaki, Athanasia; Honegger, Jürgen; Dixius, Anne; Millaku, Bledar; Toenges, Gerrit; Beutel, Manfred E.; Weber, Matthias M.
58757.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Supportive care needs in glioma patients and their caregivers in clinical practice : results of a multicenter cross-sectional studyRenovanz, Mirjam; Maurer, Dorothea; Lahr, Heike; Weimann, Elke; Deininger, Monika; Wirtz, Christian Rainer; Ringel, Florian; Singer, Susanne; Coburger, Jan
58717.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018Re-purposing chloroquine for glioblastoma : potential merits and confounding variablesWeyerhäuser, Patrick; Kantelhardt, Sven Rainer; Kim, Ella
58761.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Current treatment of comorbid insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea with CBTI and PAP-therapy : a systematic reviewBahr, Katharina; Cámara, Rafael J. A.; Gouveris, Haralampos; Tuin, Inka
58755.pdf.jpg20198-Jan-2019Investigation of intraocular pressure fluctuation as a risk factor of glaucoma progressionMatlach, Juliane; Bender, Sandra; König, Jochem; Binder, Harald; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
58720.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018Understanding and predicting antidepressant response : using animal models to move toward precision psychiatryHerzog, David P.; Beckmann, Holger; Lieb, Klaus; Ryu, Soojin; Müller, Marianne B.
58763.pdf.jpg20198-Jan-2019Hypoxia evokes increased PDI and PDIA6 expression in the infarcted myocardium of ex-germ-free and conventionally raised miceKiouptsi, Klytaimnistra; Finger, Stefanie; Garlapati, Venkata S.; Knorr, Maike; Brandt, Moritz; Walter, Ulrich; Wenzel, Philip; Reinhardt, Christoph
58760.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Cortisol stress reactivity to the trier social stress test in obese adultsHerhaus, Benedict; Petrowski, Katja