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engl_tobias-metabolic_cost-20210108104745998.pdf.jpg20208-Jan-2021Metabolic cost of a nutritional symbiont manifests in delayed reproduction in a grain pest beetleEngl, Tobias; Schmidt, Thorsten H. P.; Kanyile, Sthandiwe Nomthandazo; Klebsch, Dagmar
hemmerich_wanja-visually_induc-20210107114658635.pdf.jpg20207-Jan-2021Visually induced motion sickness on the horizonHemmerich, Wanja; Keshavarz, Behrang; Hecht, Heiko
ross_andrew-an_insulating_-20210108141539156.pdf.jpg202012-Jan-2021An insulating doped antiferromagnet with low magnetic symmetry as a room temperature spin conduitRoss, Andrew; Lebrun, Romain; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Kamra, Akashdeep; Gomonay, Olena; Ding, Shilei; Schreiber, Felix; Backes, Dirk; Maccherozzi, Francesco; Grave, Daniel A.; Rothschild, Avner; Sinova, Jairo; Kläui, Mathias
düppre_eva-the_j‐_and_g/f-20210108101701006.pdf.jpg20208-Jan-2021The J‐ and G/F‐domains of the major Synechocystis DnaJ protein Sll0897 are sufficient for cell viability but not for heat resistanceDüppre, Eva; Schneider, Dirk
meer_hendrik-direct_imaging-20210316141214568.pdf.jpg20204-Feb-2022Direct imaging of current-induced antiferromagnetic switching revealing a pure thermomagnetoelastic switching mechanism in NiOMeer, Hendrik; Schreiber, Felix; Schmitt, Christin; Ramos, Rafael; Saitoh, Eiji; Gomonay, Olena; Sinova, Jairo; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Kläui, Mathias
turner_daniel-the_associatio-20210802105528172.pdf.jpg20212-Aug-2021The association between adverse childhood experiences and mental health problems in young offendersTurner, Daniel; Wolf, Anne Jule; Barra, Steffen; Müller, Marcus; Gregório Hertz, Priscilla; Huss, Michael; Tüscher, Oliver; Retz, Wolfgang
marini_federico-ideal__an_r/bi-20210414122937882.pdf.jpg202021-Apr-2021ideal: an R/Bioconductor package for interactive diferential expression analysisMarini, Federico; Linke, Jan; Binder, Harald
studer_dominik-high-resolutio-20210416115613576.pdf.jpg20204-May-2021High-resolution laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of 143−147 PmStuder, Dominik; Ulrich, Jiri; Braccini, Saverio; Carzaniga, Tommaso Stefano; Dressler, Rugard; Eberhardt, Klaus; Heinke, Sebastian; Köster, Ulli; Raeder, Sebastian; Wendt, Klaus
mol_adam-over_a_decade_-20210615102949311.pdf.jpg202115-Jun-2021Over a decade of single-center experience with thoracoscopic sympathicolysis for primary palmar hyperhidrosis : a case seriesMol, Adam; Muensterer, Oliver J.
michel_martin_c.-choice_of_y-ax-20210416120339910.pdf.jpg20206-May-2021Choice of y-axis can mislead readersErdogan, Betül R.; Vollert, Jan; Michel, Martin C.