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diabetes_technologies_in_peop-20221021113058907.pdf.jpg202115-Nov-2022Diabetes technologies in people with type 1 diabetes mellitus and disordered eating : a systematic review on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion, continuous glucose monitoring and automated insulin deliveryPriesterroth, Lilli; Grammes, Jennifer; Clauter, Mona; Kubiak, Thomas
fluid_intelligence_is_much_mo-20230417135253827.pdf.jpg202319-Jun-2023Fluid intelligence is (much) more than working memory capacity : an experimental analysisHagemann, Dirk; Ihmels, Max; Bast, Nico; Neubauer, Andreas B.; Schankin, Andrea; Schubert, Anna-Lena
acceptance_of_immersive_head--20211217105458241.pdf.jpg202117-Dec-2021Acceptance of immersive head-mounted display virtual reality in stroke patientsSpecht, Julian; Schroeder, Helene; Krakow, Karsten; Meinhardt, Günter; Stegmann, Barbara; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana
the_composite_face_effect_is_-20220624124519572.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022The composite face effect is robust against perceptual misfitKurbel, David; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
»bemitleide_dich_mal_nicht_se-20220624140517295.pdf.jpg202114-Feb-2023»Bemitleide dich mal nicht selbst!« : Reaktionsmuster auf Psychotherapieberichte über Patienten mit und ohne GewalterfahrungSievers, Luisa; Singer, Susanne
the_multilingual_profile_and_-20230612095300505.pdf.jpg202312-Jun-2023The multilingual profile and its impact on identity : approaching the difference between multilingualism and multilingual identity or linguistic identitySiebenhütter, Stefanie
its_worth_the_trouble__stress-20221014162251718.pdf.jpg202225-Oct-2022It's worth the trouble: stressor exposure is related to increased cognitive reappraisal abilityZeier, Peter; Meine, Laura E.; Wessa, Michèle
combined_anchoring__prosecuti-20221017155112153.pdf.jpg202114-Nov-2022Combined anchoring : prosecution and defense claims as sequential anchors in the courtroomImhoff, Roland; Nickolaus, Christoph
were_we_stressed_or_was_it_ju-20221017120814393.pdf.jpg202211-Nov-2022Were we stressed or was it just me – and does it even matter? : Efforts to disentangle individual and collective resilience within real and imagined stressorsMolenaar, Carin; Blessin, Manpreet; Erfurth, Luise M.; Imhoff, Roland
how_important_is_teacher_trai-20230809115407994.pdf.jpg202310-Aug-2023How important is teacher training? : Untrained community tutors and professional teachers motivation and success in online second language teaching (SLT) and implications for future online SLTSiebenhütter, Stefanie