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galectin3_for_prediction_of_c-20220811091321351.pdf.jpg202111-Aug-2022Galectin-3 for prediction of cardiac function compared to NT-proBNP in individuals with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitusSchmitt, Volker H.; Prochaska, Jürgen H.; Föll, Annegret S.; Schulz, Andreas; Keller, Karsten; Hahad, Omar; Koeck, Thomas; Tröbs, Sven-Oliver; Rapp, Steffen; Beutel, Manfred; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Strauch, Konstantin; Lackner, Karl J.; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp S.
influenza_and_rsv_incidence_d-20220829153149225.pdf.jpg20211-Sep-2022Influenza and RSV incidence during COVID-19 pandemic : an observational study from in-hospital point-of-care testingStamm, Paul; Sagoschen, Ingo; Weise, Kerstin; Plachter, Bodo; Münzel, Thomas; Gori, Tommaso; Vosseler, Markus
glucagonlike_peptide1_glp1_re-20220905115559788.pdf.jpg202212-Sep-2022Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists and their cardiovascular benefits : the role of the GLP-1 receptorHelmstädter, Johanna; Keppeler, Karin; Küster, Leonie; Münzel, Thomas; Daiber, Andreas; Steven, Sebastian
centre_procedural_volume_and_-20220905111834783.pdf.jpg202112-Sep-2022Centre procedural volume and adverse in-hospital outcomes in patients undergoing percutaneous transvenous edge-to-edge mitral valve repair using MitraClip® in GermanyKeller, Karsten; Hobohm, Lukas; Schmidtmann, Irene; Münzel, Thomas; Baldus, Stephan; Bardeleben, Ralph Stephan von
the_covid19_pandemic_as_a_sta-20220829142415999.pdf.jpg20221-Sep-2022The COVID-19 pandemic as a starting point to accelerate improvements in health in our cities through better urban and transport planningNieuwenhuijsen, Mark J.; Hahad, Omar; Münzel, Thomas
crossroads__advanced_guidance-20220822132358448.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2022Crossroads: advanced guidance through an aortic coarctation by fusion imaging in transfemoral TAVR after aorto-aortic bypassGeyer, Martin; Tamm, Alexander R.; Kreidel, Felix; Beiras-Fernandez, Andres; Münzel, Thomas; Bardelen, Ralph Stephan von
fiveyear_cumulative_incidence-20220826160311488.pdf.jpg202230-Aug-2022Five-year cumulative incidence and progression of age-related macular degeneration : results from the German population-based Gutenberg Health Study (GHS)Korb, Christina A.; Elbaz, Hisham; Schuster, Alexander K.; Nickels, Stefan; Ponto, Katharina A.; Schulz, Andreas; Wild, Philipp S.; Münzel, Thomas; Beutel, Manfred E.; Schmidtmann, Irene; Lackner, Karl J.; Peto, Tunde; Pfeiffer, Norbert
nonbacterial_thrombotic_endoc-20220905103259854.pdf.jpg202112-Sep-2022Non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis in a patient with pancreatic carcinomaWild, Johannes; Distelmeier, Simon; Keil, Philip; Weinmann, Arndt; Münzel, Thomas; Weinmann-Menke, Julia; Kraus, Daniel
percutaneous_puncture_of_an_a-20220905130037040.pdf.jpg202112-Sep-2022Percutaneous puncture of an aorto-bifemoral bypass graft and successful closure with MANTA® device in transfemoral TAVRGeyer, Martin; Tamm, Alexander R.; Oberhoffer, Martin; Kreidel, Felix; El Beyrouti, Hazem; Münzel, Thomas; Bardeleben, Ralph Stephan von
cardiovascular_profiling_in_t-20220822152839427.pdf.jpg202224-Aug-2022Cardiovascular profiling in the diabetic continuum : results from the population-based Gutenberg Health StudySchmitt, Volker H.; Leuschner, Anja; Jünger, Claus; Pinto, Antonio; Hahad, Omar; Schulz, Andreas; Arnold, Natalie; Tröbs, Sven-Oliver; Panova-Noeva, Marina; Keller, Karsten; Zeller, Tanja; Beutel, Manfred; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Strauch, Konstantin; Blankenberg, Stefan; Lackner, Karl J.; Prochaska, Jürgen H.; Wild, Philipp S.; Münzel, Thomas