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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Postnatal increases in axonal conduction velocity of an identified Drosophila interneuron require fast sodium, L-type calcium and shaker potassium channelsKadas, Dimitrios; Duch, Carsten; Consoulas, Christos
2017Inferring species trees given coalescence and reticulationPirie, Michael
2017RNA-Seq based decomposition of human cell lines and primary tumors for the identification and quantification of viral expressionBukur, Thomas
2017Analyse der Präsenz von 'stk33' im Reich 'Animalia' und Versuche zur Herstellung einer Zebrafisch KO-Linie mittels CRISPR/Cas9Lautwein, Tobias
2018A scalable approach to the computation of invariant measures for high-dimensional Markovian systemsGerber, Susanne; Olsson, Simon; Noé, Frank; Horenko, Illia
2018A taxonomic revision of the Neotropical genus Cremastosperma (Annonaceae), including five new speciesPirie, Michael; Chatrou, Lars W.; Maas, Paul J. M.
2019Widespread selection for extremely high and low levels of secondary structure in coding sequences across all domains of lifeGebert, Daniel; Jehn, Julia; Rosenkranz, David
2018An exploration of differences in the scaling of life history traits with body mass within reptiles and between amniotesHallmann, Konstantin; Griebeler, Eva Maria
2019Primate piRNA cluster evolution suggests limited relevance of pseudogenes in piRNA-mediated gene regulationGebert, Daniel; Zischler, Hans; Rosenkranz, David
2019Evolution-guided evaluation of the inverted terminal repeats of the synthetic transposon Sleeping BeautyScheuermann, Barbara; Diem, Tanja; Ivics, Zoltán; Andrade, Miguel