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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Spin configurations in Co2FeAl0.4Si0.6 Heusler alloy thin film elementsVaz, C. A. F.; Rhensius, Jan; Heidler, Jakoba; Wohlhüter, Philip; Bisig, André; Körner, Helmut; Mentes, Tevfik; Locatelli, Andrea; Le Guyader, Loic; Nolting, Frithjof; Graf, Tanja; Felser, Claudia; Heyderman, Laura; Kläui, Mathias
2020Freshwater pearl mussels from northern Sweden serve as long-term, high-resolution stream water isotope recordersSchöne, Bernd Reinhard; Meret, Aliona E.; Baier, Sven M.; Fiebig, Jens; Esper, Jan; McDonnell, Jeffrey; Pfister, Laurent
2019Lignin oxidation products as a potential proxy for vegetation and environmental changes in speleothems and cave drip water : a first record from the Herbstlabyrinth, central GermanyHeidke, Inken; Scholz, Denis; Hoffmann, Thorsten
2020Enteric hard capsules for targeting the small intestine : positive correlation between in vitro disintegration and dissolution timesFu, Maoqi; Al-Gousous, Jozef; Blechar, Johannes; Langguth, Peter
2019Statistical analysis of very high-resolution precipitation data and relation to atmospheric circulation in Central GermanyBrieber, Annika; Hoy, Andreas
2020Circumferential and longitudinal δ13C variability in a Larix decidua trunk from the Swiss AlpsEsper, Jan; Riechelmann, Dana; Holzkämper, Steffen
2019Receptor-mediated uptake of folic acid-functionalized dextran nanoparticles for applications in photodynamic therapyButzbach, Kathrin; Konhäuser, Matthias; Fach, Matthias; Bamberger, Denise N.; Breitenbach, Benjamin; Epe, Bernd; Wich, Peter
2018A visible light-driven Minisci-type reaction with N-hydroxyphthalimide estersKammer, Lisa Marie; Rahman, Aliyaah; Opatz, Till
2018Labeling of DOTA-conjugated HPMA-based polymers with trivalent metallic radionuclides for molecular imagingEppard, Elisabeth; Fuente, Ana de la; Mohr, Nicole; Allmeroth, Mareli; Zentel, Rudolf; Miederer, Matthias; Pektor, Stefanie; Rösch, Frank
2017Chemical modification of proteins by air pollutants and metaproteomic analysis of atmospheric aerosol samples by HPLC‐MS analysesLiu, Fobang