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59127.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Long-lived Temnothorax ant queens switch from investment in immunity to antioxidant production with ageNegroni, Matteo; Foitzik, Susanne; Feldmeyer, Barbara
59128.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Widespread selection for extremely high and low levels of secondary structure in coding sequences across all domains of lifeGebert, Daniel; Jehn, Julia; Rosenkranz, David
59484.pdf.jpg201920-Dec-2019Assessing the reliability of gene expression measurements in very-low-numbers of human monocyte-derived macrophagesGeiß, Carsten; Alanis-Lobato, Gregorio; Andrade, Miguel; Régnier-Vigouroux, Anne
59468.pdf.jpg201912-Dec-2019Serum-free media supplements carry miRNAs that co-purify with extracellular vesiclesAuber, Martin; Fröhlich, Dominik; Drechsel, Oliver; Karaulanov, Emil; Albers, Eva-Maria
59475.pdf.jpg201916-Dec-2019Biogeography of the xerophytic genus Anabasis L. (Chenopodiaceae)Lauterbach, Maximilian; Veranso-Libalah, Marie Claire; Sukhorukov, Alexander P.; Kadereit, Gudrun
59476.pdf.jpg201916-Dec-2019Quantitative PCR primer design affects quantification of dsRNA-mediated gene knockdownOnchuru, Thomas; Kaltenpoth, Martin
57451.pdf.jpg20172-Nov-2017Gnaz couples the circadian and dopaminergic system to G protein-mediated signaling in mouse photoreceptorsVancura, Patrick; Abdelhadi, Shaima; Csicsely, Erika; Baba, Kenkichi; Tosini, Gianluca; Iuvone, P. Michael; Spessert, Rainer
dawood_mona-collateral_sen-20200928110332836.pdf.jpg201913-Jun-2019Collateral sensitivity of parthenolide via NF-κB and HIF-α inhibition and epigenetic changes in drug-resistant cancer cell linesDawood, Mona; Ooko, Edna; Efferth, Thomas
59109.pdf.jpg201917-Jun-2019Identification of a potential allosteric site of Golgi α-mannosidase II using computer-aided drug designIrsheid, Lina; Wehler, Thomas; Borek, Christoph; Kiefer, Werner; Brenk, Ruth; Ortiz-Soto, Maria Elena; Seibel, Jürgen; Schirmeister, Tanja
59182.pdf.jpg201915-Aug-2019Postnatal increases in axonal conduction velocity of an identified Drosophila interneuron require fast sodium, L-type calcium and shaker potassium channelsKadas, Dimitrios; Duch, Carsten; Consoulas, Christos