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59217.pdf.jpg201826-Aug-2019The ultrafast dynamics and conductivity of photoexcited graphene at different Fermi energiesTomadin, Andrea; Hornett, Sam M.; Wang, Hai I.; Alexeev, Evgeny M.; Candini, Andrea; Coletti, Camilla; Turchinovich, Dmitry; Kläui, Mathias; Bonn, Mischa; Koppens, Frank H. L.; Hendry, Euan; Polini, Marco; Tielrooij, Klaas-Jan
unbounded_solutions_of_models-20220627115629724.pdf.jpg202128-Jun-2022Unbounded solutions of models for glycolysisBrechmann, Pia; Rendall, Alan D.
58797.pdf.jpg201823-Jan-2019The underestimated significance of conditioning in placebo hypoalgesia and nocebo hyperalgesiaBräscher, Anne-Kathrin; Witthöft, Michael; Becker, Susanne
schmidt_susanne-undergraduate_-20210201114509182.pdf.jpg20201-Feb-2021Undergraduate students’ critical online reasoning : process mining analysisSchmidt, Susanne; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Roeper, Jochen; Klose, Verena; Weber, Maruschka; Bültmann, Ann-Kathrin; Brückner, Sebastian
58720.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018Understanding and predicting antidepressant response : using animal models to move toward precision psychiatryHerzog, David P.; Beckmann, Holger; Lieb, Klaus; Ryu, Soojin; Müller, Marianne B.
understanding_dysregulated_be-20220712203120122.pdf.jpg201613-Jul-2022Understanding dysregulated behaviors and compulsions : an extension of the emotional cascade model and the mediating role of intrusive thoughtsJungmann, Stefanie; Vollmer, Noelle; Selby, Edward A.; Witthöft, Michael
veit_philipp-unexpected_c–c-20210803235723729.pdf.jpg20209-Aug-2021Unexpected C–C bond formation with a ferrocenyl Fischer carbene complexVeit, Philipp; Seibert, Sebastian; Förster, Christoph; Heinze, Katja
59529.pdf.jpg201928-Jan-2020Unidirectional spin Hall magnetoresistance as a tool for probing the interfacial spin polarization of Co2MnSiLidig, Christian; Cramer, Joel; Weisshoff, Laura; Thomas, Teslin Rose; Kessler, Travis; Kläui, Mathias; Jourdan, Martin
frenken_marius-a_uniform_cons-20211021120911051.pdf.jpg202126-Oct-2021A uniform conspiracy mindset or differentiated reactions to specific conspiracy beliefs? : Evidence from latent profile analysesFrenken, Marius; Imhoff, Roland
59137.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Unique manifestation of a multifocal adult rhabdomyoma involving the soft palate : case report and review of literatureDau, Michael; Kraeft, Stine-Kathrein; Kämmerer, Peer Wolfgang
58518.pdf.jpg201822-Oct-2018Unraveling the physics of the Yellowstone magmatic system using geodynamic simulationsReuber, Georg; Kaus, Boris; Popov, Anton; Baumann, Tobias
urban_sustainability_as_a_pol-20220712210608588.pdf.jpg201714-Jul-2022Urban sustainability as a political instrument in the Gulf region exemplified by projects in Abu DhabiCummings, Veronika; Richthofen, Aurel von
59392.pdf.jpg20195-Nov-2019Use of a perioperative web-based exercise program for a patient with Barrett’s carcinoma scheduled for esophagectomyHillen, Barlo; Simon, Perikles; Grimminger, Peter P.; Gockel, Ines; Pfirrmann, Daniel
use_of_illicit_and_prescripti-20220612154552741.pdf.jpg201313-Jun-2022Use of illicit and prescription drugs for cognitive or mood enhancement among surgeonsFranke, Andreas; Bagusat, Christiana; Dietz, Pavel; Simon, Perikles; Ulrich, Rolf; Lieb, Klaus
baranyai_zsolt-the_use_of_the-20210621140358435.pdf.jpg202028-Jun-2021The use of the macrocyclic chelator DOTA in radiochemical separationsBaranyai, Zsolt; Tircsó, Gyula; Rösch, Frank
using_a_transdiagnostic_psych-20220616160320634.pdf.jpg201620-Jun-2022Using a transdiagnostic, psychodynamic online self-help intervention to maintain inpatient psychosomatic treatment effects : study protocol of a feasibility studyBecker, Jan; Zwerenz, Rüdiger; Johansson, Robert; Frederick, Ronald J.; Andersson, Gerhard; Beutel, Manfred E.
using_field_theory_to_constru-20220710210605794.pdf.jpg201311-Jul-2022Using field theory to construct hybrid particle-continuum simulation schemes with adaptive resolution for soft matter systemsQi, Shuanhu; Behringer, Hans; Schmid, Friederike
using_king_vision_video_laryn-20220612153739948.pdf.jpg201713-Jun-2022Using King Vision video laryngoscope with a channeled blade prolongs time for tracheal intubation in different training levels, compared to non-channeled bladeKriege, Marc; Alflen, Christian; Noppens, Rüdiger
using_virtual_3dmodels_in_sur-20220805141318564.pdf.jpg20218-Aug-2022Using virtual 3D-models in surgical planning : workflow of an immersive virtual reality application in liver surgeryBoedecker, Christian; Huettl, Florentine; Saalfeld, Patrick; Paschold, Markus; Kneist, Werner; Baumgart, Janine; Preim, Bernhard; Hansen, Christian; Lang, Hauke; Huber, Tobias
muensterer_oliver_j.-über_die_probl-20210614093235952.pdf.jpg202014-Jun-2021Über die Problematik der klinischen Entscheidungsfindung aufgrund von Fallbeschreibungen : ethische Implikationen am Beispiel eines Falls von Carmi SyndromMuensterer, Oliver J.; Paul, Norbert W.