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o___s___perturbative_and_nonp-20230307093701013.pdf.jpg20223-May-2023O ( α s ) perturbative and nonperturbative corrections to polarized semileptonic Λ b decay distributionsFischer, M.; Groote, S.
obesity_modifies_the_proteomi-20230814150152142.pdf.jpg202317-Aug-2023Obesity modifies the proteomic profile of the periodontal ligamentNogueira, Andressa V. B.; Lopes, Maria Eduarda S.; Marcantonio, Camila C.; Salmon, Cristiane R.; Mofatto, Luciana S.; Deschner, James; Nociti-Junior, Francisco H.; Cirelli, Joni A.
obesity_prevalence_and_unfavo-20220710214817477.pdf.jpg201312-Jul-2022Obesity prevalence and unfavorable health risk behaviors among German kindergarten teachers : cross-sectional results of the kindergarten teacher health studyHoffmann, Sascha; Tug, Suzan; Simon, Perikles
object_localization_does_not_-20220914003213824.pdf.jpg20175-Oct-2022Object localization does not imply awareness of object category at the break of continuous flash suppressionKobylka, Florian; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
2627.pdf.jpg19799-Feb-2011Observable radizielle Untergruppen von halbeinfachen algebraischen GruppenPommerening, Klaus
observation_of_the_orbital_ra-20230831092929377.pdf.jpg202231-Aug-2023Observation of the orbital Rashba-Edelstein magnetoresistanceDing, Shilei; Liang, Zhongyu; Go, Dongwook; Yun, Chao; Xue, Mingzhu; Liu, Zhou; Becker, Sven; Yang, Wenyun; Du, Honglin; Wang, Changsheng; Yang, Yingchang; Jakob, Gerhard; Kläui, Mathias; Mokrousov, Yuriy; Yang, Jinbo
observing_volcanoes_with_dron-20230222094535492.pdf.jpg202212-Apr-2023Observing volcanoes with drones: studies of volcanic plume chemistry with ultralight sensor systemsKarbach, Niklas; Bobrowski, Nicole; Hoffmann, Thorsten
bahr_katharina-obstructive_sl-20210426113658211.pdf.jpg202026-Apr-2021Obstructive sleep apnea as a risk factor for primary open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension in a monocentric pilot studyBahr, Katharina; Bopp, Michael; Kewader, Waeel; Dootz, Henri; Döge, Julia; Huppertz, Tilman; Simon, Perikles; Prokosch-Willing, Verena; Matthias, Christoph; Gouveris, Haralampos
occupational_exposure_to_extr-20220905120705568.pdf.jpg202112-Sep-2022Occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis : results of a feasibility study for a pooled analysis of original dataBaaken, Dan; Dechent, Dagmar; Blettner, Maria; Drießen, Sarah; Merzenich, Hiltrud
ocular_geometry_in_adults_bor-20230221163109401.pdf.jpg20223-May-2023Ocular geometry in adults born extremely, very and moderately preterm with and without retinopathy of prematurity: results from the Gutenberg Prematurity Eye StudyFieß, Achim; Nauen, Hannah; Mildenberger, Eva; Zepp, Fred; Urschitz, Michael S; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Schuster, Alexander Karl-Georg
ocular_signs_correlate_well_w-20220817164919495.pdf.jpg201519-Aug-2022Ocular signs correlate well with disease severity and genotype in Fabry diseasePitz, Susanne; Kalkum, Gisela; Arash, Laila; Karabul, Nesrin; Sodi, Andrea; Larroque, Sylvain; Beck, Michael; Gal, Andreas
58083.pdf.jpg201811-Apr-2018Of wheat and men : changes in genetic markers for celiac disease over timeHewel, Charlotte; Kaiser, Julia; Linke, Jan
older_people_in_germany_durin-20220729171226866.pdf.jpg202114-Feb-2023Older people in Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic : the least, the more, and the most affectedHorn, Vincent; Semmler, Malte; Schweppe, Cornelia
olfactory_and_gustatory_disor-20221121100003891.pdf.jpg20225-Jan-2023Olfactory and gustatory disorders in COVID-19Klimek, Ludger; Hagemann, Jan; Döge, Julia; Freudelsperger, Laura; Cuevas, Mandy; Klimek, Felix; Hummel, Thomas
oligodendroglial_argonaute_pr-20220914001724189.pdf.jpg20154-Oct-2022Oligodendroglial Argonaute protein Ago2 associates with molecules of the Mbp mRNA localization machinery and is a downstream target of Fyn kinaseMüller, Christina; Schäfer, Isabelle; Luhmann, Heiko; White, Robin
oligodendroglial_p130cas_is_a-20220924202002766.pdf.jpg20146-Oct-2022Oligodendroglial p130Cas is a target of Fyn kinase involved in process formation, cell migration and survivalGonsior, Constantin; Binamé, Fabien; Frühbeis, Carsten; Bauer, Nina M.; Hoch-Kraft, Peter; Luhmann, Heiko; Trotter, Jacqueline; White, Robin
on_a_hybrid_continuumkinetic_-20221124120328106.pdf.jpg202219-Dec-2022On a hybrid continuum-kinetic model for complex fluidsChertock, Alina; Degond, P.; Dimarco, Giacomo; Lukáčová-Medvid’ová, Mária; Ruhi, Ankit
on_commitment_to_untruthful_i-20230216151704504.pdf.jpg202318-Apr-2023On commitment to untruthful implicaturesMeibauer, Jörg
on_offdiagonal_decay_properti-20220729170017703.pdf.jpg20214-Aug-2022On off-diagonal decay properties of the generalized Stokes semigroup with bounded measurable coefficientsTolksdorf, Patrick
on_response_bias_in_the_face_-20220925164058706.pdf.jpg201717-Oct-2022On response bias in the face congruency effect for internal and external featuresMeinhardt, Günter; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte