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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
202025-Nov-2020Harnessing orbital-to-spin conversion of interfacial orbital currents for efficient spin-orbit torquesDing, Shilei; Ross, Andrew; Go, Dongwook; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Ren, Zengyao; Freimuth, Frank; Becker, Sven; Kammerbauer, Fabian; Yang, Jinbo; Jakob, Gerhard; Mokrousov, Yuriy; Kläui, Mathias
20198-Jul-2019Health-related quality of life and mental health in children and adolescents with strabismus : results of the representative population-based survey KiGGSSchuster, Alexander K.; Elflein, Heike; Pokora, Roman; Schlaud, Martin; Baumgarten, Franz; Urschitz, Michael S.
202027-Nov-2020High quality epitaxial Mn2Au (001) thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxyBommanaboyena, S. P.; Bergfeldt, T.; Heller, R.; Kläui, Mathias; Jourdan, Martin
201927-Nov-2019High sensitivity characterization of the nonlinear electric susceptibility of a glass ceramic in the microwave rangeBergmann, Florian; Letz, Martin; Maune, Holger; Jakob, Gerhard
202023-Apr-2021High-dose carbon-ion based radiotherapy of primary and recurrent sacrococcygeal chordomas : long-term clinical results of a single particle therapy centerBostel, Tilman; Mattke, Matthias; Nicolay, Nils Henrik; Welzel, Thomas; Wollschläger, Daniel; Akbata, Sati; Mayer, Arnulf; Sprave, Tanja; Debus, Jürgen; Uhl, Matthias
20204-May-2021High-resolution laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of 143−147 PmStuder, Dominik; Ulrich, Jiri; Braccini, Saverio; Carzaniga, Tommaso Stefano; Dressler, Rugard; Eberhardt, Klaus; Heinke, Sebastian; Köster, Ulli; Raeder, Sebastian; Wendt, Klaus
20207-Sep-2020High-resolution temperature variability reconstructed from black pine tree ring densities in southern SpainEsper, Jan; Hartl, Claudia; Tejedor, Ernesto; Luis, Martin de; Günther, Björn; Büntgen, Ulf
202029-Jun-2020High/low cortisol reactivity and food intake in people with obesity and healthy weightHerhaus, Benedict; Ullmann, Enrico; Chrousos, George; Petrowski, Katja
202027-May-2021Highly selective two-step laser ionization schemes for the analysis of actinide mixturesKneip, Nina; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Gadelshin, Vadim; Heinke, Reinhard; Mokry, Christoph; Raeder, Sebastian; Runke, Jörg; Studer, Dominik; Trautmann, Norbert; Weber, Felix; Wendt, Klaus
202018-May-2021Histone deacetylase inhibitors dysregulate DNA repair proteins and antagonize metastasis-associated processesKiweler, Nicole; Wünsch, Désirée; Wirth, Matthias; Mahendrarajah, Nisintha; Schneider, Günter; Stauber, Roland; Brenner, Walburgis; Butter, Falk; Krämer, Oliver
20207-Jan-2021How do university students’ web search behavior, website characteristics, and the interaction of both influence students’ critical online reasoning?Nagel, Marie-Theres; Schäfer, Svenja; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Schemer, Christian; Maurer, Marcus; Molerov, Dimitri; Schmidt, Susanne; Brückner, Sebastian
202018-May-2021How morphologically related synonyms come to make up a paradigmWiemer, Björn; Wrzesień-Kwiatkowska, Joanna; Wyroślak, Piotr
202013-Jul-2020How online privacy literacy supports self-data protection and self-determination in the age of informationMasur, Philipp K.
202018-May-2021Human cationic amino acid transporters are not affected by direct nitros(yl)ationHobbach, Anastasia J.; Closs, Ellen I.
202119-May-2021Hybrid-2-Port-23/25-G-Pars-plana-Vitrektomie zur Entfernung von Öl höherer ViskositätPriester, Lea Donata; Laspas, Panagiotis; Stoffelns, Bernhard; Pfeiffer, Norbert
202028-Jan-2021The hydraulic efficiency of single fractures : correcting the cubic law parameterization for self-affine surface roughness and fracture closureKottwitz, Maximilian O.; Popov, Anton A.; Baumann, Tobias S.; Kaus, Boris J. P.
202117-May-2021Hyperspectral analysis for perioperative perfusion monitoring : a clinical feasibility study on free and pedicled flapsThiem, Daniel G. E.; Frick, Richard W.; Goetze, Elisabeth; Gielisch, Matthias; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
20198-Jan-2019Hypoxia evokes increased PDI and PDIA6 expression in the infarcted myocardium of ex-germ-free and conventionally raised miceKiouptsi, Klytaimnistra; Finger, Stefanie; Garlapati, Venkata S.; Knorr, Maike; Brandt, Moritz; Walter, Ulrich; Wenzel, Philip; Reinhardt, Christoph
202020-Oct-2020Hysteresis in graphene nanoribbon field-effect devicesTries, Alexander; Richter, Nils; Chen, Zongping; Narita, Akimitsu; Müllen, Klaus; Wang, Hai I.; Bonn, Mischa; Kläui, Mathias
202028-Jan-2021Ice supersaturated regions : properties and validation of ERA-Interim reanalysis with IAGOS in situ water vapour measurementsReutter, Philipp; Neis, Patrick; Rohs, Susanne; Sauvage, Bastien