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59023.pdf.jpg201929-Mar-2019What is a media company today? : Rethinking theoretical and empirical definitionsVoci, Denise; Karmasin, Matthias; Nölleke-Przybylski, Pamela; Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter; Möller, Johanna; Rimscha, Bjørn von
singer_susanne-what_is_consid-20210705100307803.pdf.jpg20215-Jul-2021What is considered to be emotional suffering by psychotherapy patients and their therapists in Eastern versus Western Germany? : A mixed-methods studySinger, Susanne; Dietsch, Lisa; Janke, Julia; Linn, Lisa-Marie; Sievers, Luisa; Negwer, Verena
what_is_the_best_time_for_psy-20220902153647908.pdf.jpg20226-Sep-2022What is the best time for psychosocial counselling from the perspective of cancer patients and their relatives? : A multi-centre qualitative studySinger, Susanne; Kojima, Erika; Deppisch, Larissa; Taylor, Katherine; Wickert, Martin; Riedel, Petra; Alt, Jürgen; Heß, Georg; Hechtner, Marlene; Bayer, Oliver
what_is_the_significance_of_g-20220829145048678.pdf.jpg20211-Sep-2022What is the significance of guidelines in the primary care setting? : Results of an exploratory online survey of general practitioners in GermanyWangler, Julian; Jansky, Michael
ford_robert_c.-what_monomeric-20210628200539175.pdf.jpg202029-Jun-2021What monomeric nucleotide binding domains can teach us about dimeric ABC proteinsFord, Robert C.; Hellmich, Ute A.
59863.pdf.jpg20205-Jun-2020What remains in mind? : Effectiveness and efficiency of explainers at conveying informationSchneiders, Pascal
what_requirements_do_primary_-20231215104220949.pdf.jpg20238-Jan-2024What requirements do primary care physicians have with regard to dementia diagnostics and dementia care? : A survey study among general practitioners in Germany 2022/2023Wangler, Julian; Jansky, Michael
3236.pdf.jpg201215-Oct-2012What users think about the differences between caffeine and illicit/prescription stimulants for cognitive enhancementFranke, Andreas; Lieb, Klaus; Hildt, Elisabeth
carroccio_antonio-wheat_consumpt-20201026094104495.pdf.jpg202026-Oct-2020Wheat consumption leads to immune activation and symptom worsening in patients with familial mediterranean fever : a pilot randomized trialCarroccio, Antonio; Mansueto, Pasquale; Soresi, Maurizio; Fayer, Francesca; Di Liberto, Diana; Monguzzi, Erika; Lo Pizzo, Marianna; La Blasca, Francesco; Geraci, Girolamo; Pecoraro, Alice; Dieli, Francesco; Schuppan, Detlef
wiemer_björn-when_(inter)su-20210421191637284.pdf.jpg20204-May-2021When (inter)subjectification ties up with grammaticalization and related changes : Van Olmen, Daniёl, Hubert Cuyckens & Lobke Ghesquière (eds.), Aspects of grammaticalization : (inter)subjectification and directionality (Trends in linguistics. Studies and monographs 305)Wiemer, Björn
when_and_why_demands_reveal_t-20220321103332752.pdf.jpg202121-Mar-2022When and why demands reveal their challenging potential during changeBlum, Charlotte; Rigotti, Thomas
when_combinatorial_processing-20220915065602891.pdf.jpg20136-Oct-2022When combinatorial processing results in reconceptualization : toward a new approach of compositionalitySchumacher, Petra
michel_martin_c.-where_will_the-20210826095649144.pdf.jpg202026-Aug-2021Where will the next generation of medical treatments for overactive bladder syndrome come from?Michel, Martin C.
why_are_dreams_interesting_fo-20220924204714875.pdf.jpg201310-Oct-2022Why are dreams interesting for philosophers? : The example of minimal phenomenal selfhood, plus an agenda for future researchMetzinger, Thomas
why_do_forward_maskers_affect-20220925143703222.pdf.jpg201413-Oct-2022Why do forward maskers affect auditory intensity discrimination? : Evidence from "molecular psychophysics"Oberfeld-Twistel, Daniel; Stahn, Patricia; Kuta, Martha
58519.pdf.jpg201822-Oct-2018Why is virtual reality interesting for philosophers?Metzinger, Thomas
why_they_eat_what_they_eat___-20221020095913369.pdf.jpg202225-Oct-2022Why they eat what they eat : comparing 18 eating motives among omnivores and veg*nsMüssig, Markus; Pfeiler, Tamara M.; Egloff, Boris
59128.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Widespread selection for extremely high and low levels of secondary structure in coding sequences across all domains of lifeGebert, Daniel; Jehn, Julia; Rosenkranz, David
widespread_transcriptional_ge-20220925162347643.pdf.jpg201614-Oct-2022Widespread transcriptional gene inactivation initiated by a repair intermediate of 8-oxoguanineAllgayer, Julia; Kitsera, Nataliya; Bartelt, Solveig; Epe, Bernd; Khobta, Andriy
wie_demenzsensibel_sind_hausä-20231215131531168.pdf.jpg202316-Jan-2024Wie demenzsensibel sind Hausärzt*innen? : Eine explorierende Betrachtung von Einstellungs‑, Handlungs- und Kompetenzindikatoren zur DemenzversorgungWangler, Julian; Jansky, Michael