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unitas__the_universal_tool_fo-20220924203728386.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022unitas: the universal tool for annotation of small RNAsGebert, Daniel; Hewel, Charlotte; Rosenkranz, David
universality_for_persistence_-20221014123002935.pdf.jpg202114-Oct-2022Universality for persistence exponents of local times of self-similar processes with stationary incrementsMönch, Christian
unlucky_punch__unexpected_ann-20220905125547122.pdf.jpg202112-Sep-2022“Unlucky punch”: unexpected annular rupture during TAVR and successful treatmentGeyer, Martin; Tamm, Alexander; Dohle, Daniel-S.; Kornberger, Angela; Schnorbus, Boris; Beiras-Fernandez, Andres; Bardeleben, Ralph Stephan von
58518.pdf.jpg201822-Oct-2018Unraveling the physics of the Yellowstone magmatic system using geodynamic simulationsReuber, Georg; Kaus, Boris; Popov, Anton; Baumann, Tobias
unsupervised_anomaly_detectio-20231024123056059.pdf.jpg202324-Oct-2023Unsupervised anomaly detection of implausible electronic health records : a real-world evaluation in cancer registriesRöchner, Philipp; Rothlauf, Franz
unveiling_the_acute_neurophys-20231219093200400.pdf.jpg202319-Dec-2023Unveiling the acute neurophysiological responses to strength training: an exploratory study on novices performing weightlifting bouts with different motor learning modelsAmmar, Achraf; Boujelbane, Mohamed Ali; Simak, Marvin Leonard; Fraile-Fuente, Irene; Rizz, Nikolas; Washif, Jad Adrian; Zmijewski, Piotr; Jahrami, Haitham; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang I.
update_of_pathophysiology_and-20230110104002925.pdf.jpg202210-Jan-2023Update of pathophysiology and treatment options of seborrheic keratosisGorai, Surajit; Ahmad, Shahzaib; Raza, Syeda Sadia Masood; Darain, Hadin; Raza, Muhammad Asad; Etaee, Farshid; Cockerell, Clay J.; Apalla, Zoe; Goldust, Mohamad
update_on_diagnosis_and_treat-20230123130711627.pdf.jpg202223-Jan-2023Update on diagnosis and treatment of actinic keratosisAgarwal, Komal; Podder, Indrashis; Cockerell, Clay J.; Kassir, Martin; Grabbe, Stephan; Goldust, Mohamad
updated_review_on_prognostic_-20220906114605488.pdf.jpg20226-Sep-2022Updated review on prognostic factors in mycosis fungoides and new skin lymphoma trialsFarabi, Banu; Seminario-Vidal, Lucia; Jamgochian, Marielle; Akay, Bengu Nisa; Atak, Mehmet Fatih; Rao, Babar K.; Karagaiah, Priyanka; Grabbe, Stephan; Goldust, Mohamad
uptake_and_cytotoxicity_of_ci-20220914005423810.pdf.jpg20125-Oct-2022Uptake and cytotoxicity of citrate-coated gold nanospheres : comparative studies on human endothelial and epithelial cellsFreese, Christian; Uboldi, Chiara; Gibson, Matthew I.; Unger, Ronald E.; Weksler, Babette B.; Romero, Ignacio A.; Couraud, Pierre-Olivier; Kirkpatrick, C. J.
uptake_of_barium_molybdenum_a-20231208104753937.pdf.jpg20238-Dec-2023Uptake of barium, molybdenum, and lithium and incorporation into scallop shells : refining proxies for primary production dynamicsFröhlich, Lukas; Siebert, Valentin; Huang, Qian; Thébault, Julien; Moriceau, Brivaëla; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Schöne, Bernd R.
uptake_of_glucoseconjugated_m-20220925142654408.pdf.jpg201712-Oct-2022Uptake of glucose-conjugated MGMT inhibitors in cancer cells : role of flippases and type IV P-type ATPasesTomaszowski, Karl-Heinz; Hellmann, Nadja; Ponath, Viviane; Takatsu, Hiroyuki; Shin, Hye-Won; Kaina, Bernd
uratas_theorem_in_the_logarit-20230202121404624.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Urata's theorem in the logarithmic case and applications to integral pointsJavanpeykar, Ariyan; Levin, Aaron
urban_sustainability_as_a_pol-20220712210608588.pdf.jpg201714-Jul-2022Urban sustainability as a political instrument in the Gulf region exemplified by projects in Abu DhabiCummings, Veronika; Richthofen, Aurel von
urban_warming_in_villages-20220913195332422.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Urban warming in villagesLindén, Jenny; Grimmond, C. S. B.; Esper, Jan
59392.pdf.jpg20195-Nov-2019Use of a perioperative web-based exercise program for a patient with Barrett’s carcinoma scheduled for esophagectomyHillen, Barlo; Simon, Perikles; Grimminger, Peter P.; Gockel, Ines; Pfirrmann, Daniel
the_use_of_an_educational_vid-20231213101749451.pdf.jpg202319-Dec-2023The use of an educational video on forensic autopsy in curricular teaching for medical students : is it worth the effort? : A field report from lecturers and a survey among studentsSchwarz, Clara-Sophie; Kramer, Stefan; Germerott, Tanja; Walz, Cleo; Elsner, Katrin
the_use_of_health_apps_in_pri-20220812160216143.pdf.jpg202116-Aug-2022The use of health apps in primary car : results from a survey amongst general practitioners in GermanyWangler, Julian; Jansky, Michael
use_of_illicit_and_prescripti-20220612154552741.pdf.jpg201313-Jun-2022Use of illicit and prescription drugs for cognitive or mood enhancement among surgeonsFranke, Andreas; Bagusat, Christiana; Dietz, Pavel; Simon, Perikles; Ulrich, Rolf; Lieb, Klaus
use_of_intravascular_ultrasou-20230119103241221.pdf.jpg202220-Jan-2023Use of intravascular ultrasound for optimal vessel sizing in chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary interventionBlessing, Recha; Buono, Andrea; Ahoopai, Majid; Geyer, Martin; Knorr, Maike; Brandt, Moritz; Steven, Sebastian; Drosos, Ioannis; Münzel, Thomas; Wenzel, Philip; Gori, Tommaso; Dimitriadis, Zisis