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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
201319-Dec-2013E-ToF-Messungen mit kalorimetrischen Tieftemperatur-Detektoren zur Bestimmung spezifischer Energieverluste und zur Massenidentifikation niederenergetischer SchwerionenEchler, Artur
201023-Jun-2010Early steps in ventral nerve cord development in chelicerates and myriapods and formation of brain compartments in spidersDöffinger, Carola
20052-Feb-2005Echtzeitsuche nach Neutrinoausbrüchen von Supernovae mit dem AMANDA-II-DetektorFeser, Thomas
200923-Sep-2009The ecological and socio-economic role of Prosopis juliflora in EritreaBokrezion, Harnet
200521-Jun-2005Ectomycorrhizae of sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.)Wilson, Christine Ann
20001-Jan-2000Edelgase in Enstatit-ChondritenPatzer, Andrea
200618-Jan-2006Eduard Study (1862-1930) - ein mathematischer Mephistopheles im geometrischen GärtchenHartwich, Yvonne
20094-Feb-2009Effect of drug physicochemical properties on the release from liposomal systems in vitro and in vivoAhmed, Gamal
201329-May-2013The effect of elastic modulus and equilibrium vapor adsorption on capillary forcesZakerin, Marjan
202016-Dec-2020The effect of endothelial progenitor cells on the migration ability of different cell lines of head and neck squamous cell carcinomaRachele Righesso, Leonardo Augusto
201028-Oct-2010Effect of mixing, particle interaction, and spatial dimension on the glass transitionHajnal, David
20189-Mar-2018The effect of reactive oxygen species on monocytes and macrophagesPonath, Viviane
20166-Oct-2016Effective bounds for the negativity of Shimura curves on Hilbert modular surfacesSamol, Sonia
20206-Feb-2020Effective Field Theories for Physics Beyond the Standard ModelBaumgart, Stefan
201813-Jul-2018Effective field theories in the standard model and beyondKönig, Matthias
202011-Nov-2020Effective Field Theory Phenomenology and Scattering AmplitudesAoude, Rafael
202016-Mar-2020The Effective Lagrangian Morphing and the Measurement of Effective Higgs Boson Couplings in VBF H->W±W *->-'+' at s=13 TeV with the ATLAS ExperimentKaluza, Adam
202020-Jan-2020Effectiveness of ipsi- and contralateral approaches to the ophthalmic segment of the internal carotid artery : a comparative morphometrical characterization in anatomic specimens and 3D- virtual surgical simulations=Effektivität von ipsi- und kontralateralen Zugängen zum ophthalmischen Abschnitt der Arteria carotis interna : eine komparative morphometrische Charakterisierung in anatomischen Präparaten und 3D-virtuelle chirurgische SimulationenSerrano Sponton, Lucas Ezequiel
202129-Sep-2021The Effects of Acute Stress Exposure on Cognitive Emotion Regulation: Psychophysiological StudiesRimpel, Jérôme
20168-Mar-2016Effects of an F238L point mutation on intracellular trafficking and signaling of the cannabinoid type 1 receptorWickert, Melanie