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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20197-Jun-2019Continental crust production during the early Earth: Constraints from geodynamic modelsPiccolo, Andrea
200812-Aug-2008Contour integration and principles of perceptual groupingPersike, Malte
201620-Jan-2016Contrast-enhanced MRI using nanosystemsEbert, Sandro
20198-Dec-2019Il contratto di compravendita immobiliare da un punto di vista pragmatico. Modello per un'analisi testuale contrastiva sviluppato su corpora da Italia, Germania e AustriaValente, Sabrina
200518-Feb-2005Contribution of tectonic processes to the exhumation of the Cycladic blueschist unit, Greece and TurkeyKumerics, Christine Maria
20172-Dec-2017Contributions to branch-and-price-and-cut algorithms for routing problemsRothenbächer, Ann-Kathrin
201718-Jan-2017Contributions to column-generation approaches in combinatorial optimizationTilk, Christian
202010-Dec-2020Contributions to Exact Algorithms for Packing and Routing ProblemsHeßler, Katrin
201426-Nov-2014Contributions to exact approaches in combinatorial optimizationGschwind, Timo
200910-Dec-2009Control of protein degradation pathways by BAG proteins and changes during agingGamerdinger, Martin
20207-Sep-2020Control of self-assembly of organic semiconductors by solution processing for electronic applicationsZhang, Ke
200528-Oct-2005Control of the long-range self-organization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for device applicationsPisula, Wojciech
20153-Sep-2015Control over microstructure evolution and device performance in solution processable organic field-effect transistorsWang, Suhao
201523-Apr-2015Controllable assembly of graphene hybrid materials and their application in energy storage and conversionWei, Wei
201913-Jun-2019Controlled Growth and Application for the Anodization of Tin and IronMohri, Nils
202126-Jan-2021Controlled Intermixing Superlattices of Thermoelectric Half-Heusler MaterialsJakob, Gerhard; Heinz, Sven
20154-Sep-2015Controlled wetting on silica-based nano- and microstructured surfacesMammen, Lena
20218-Apr-2021Controlling Charge Carrier Trapping in Polymeric Semiconductors : Connecting Morphology to Device BehaviorKunz, Alexander
20203-Jun-2020Controlling Hypersonic Particle Resonances through Tailored Colloidal SynthesisKang, Eunsoo
201726-Apr-2017Controlling local physico-chemical properties of colloidal particles and their self-assembled structuresBley, Karina