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syntheses_and_applications_of-20220125123530889.pdf.jpg202214-Feb-2022Syntheses and applications of tungsten oxide-based nanocrystalsTremel, Wolfgang; Dören, René
klasen_alexander-synthesis_and_-20200907164442922.pdf.jpg202024-Sep-2020Synthesis and Analysis of Thin Films for Perovskite Solar CellsKlasen, Alexander
4157.pdf.jpg20157-Sep-2015Synthesis and application of stimuli responsive tunable systems based on physical interactionsDundua, Alexander
652.pdf.jpg20053-Feb-2005Synthesis and characterisation of photoreactive silanes for the self-assembly on functionalised silica surfacesBoos, Diana R.
1195.pdf.jpg20075-Mar-2007Synthesis and characterization of metal- chalcogenide MQ 2-Nanoparticles (M = Mo, W, Zr; Q = S, O)Zink, Nicole Christin
100001983.pdf.jpg20187-May-2018Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional metal oxide nanoparticlesGömpel, Dorothea
1271.pdf.jpg200720-Feb-2007Synthesis and characterization of new discotic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and related pyrolytic nanostructuresEl Hamaoui, Bassem
744.pdf.jpg20053-May-2005Synthesis and characterization of novel poly(imino ketone)s via palladium-catalyzed aryl aminationAl-Hussaini, Ayman S.
2431.pdf.jpg20102-Nov-2010Synthesis and characterization of oligo(thiophene carboxamide)sKlos, Johannes
1266.pdf.jpg20077-Feb-2007Synthesis and characterization of Poly(vinylphosphonic acid) for proton exchange membranes in fuel cellsBingöl, Bahar
1070.pdf.jpg200628-Aug-2006Synthesis and characterization of polyelectrolyte brushesLienkamp, Karen
238.pdf.jpg20011-Jan-2001Synthesis and characterization of polymers containing oligothiophenesRanieri, Nicola
1290.pdf.jpg200726-Mar-2007Synthesis and characterization of structurally well-defined polymer-layered silicate nanocompositesMao, Qinghui
2845.pdf.jpg201116-Aug-2011Synthesis and characterization of temperature- and light-responsive polymers and block copolymersJochum, Florian D.
kaiser_tobias-synthesis_and_-20210702132904958.pdf.jpg202224-Feb-2022Synthesis and Characterization of Well-Defined Multifunctional Hyperbranched Polyether PolyolsKaiser, Tobias
100003592.pdf.jpg202019-Jun-2020Synthesis and Deposition of Directly Fused Porphyrin Tapes by Chemical Vapour Deposition ApproachBengasi, Giuseppe
1998.pdf.jpg200913-May-2009Synthesis and evaluation of 18-F-radiopharmaceuticals within the serotonergic receptor system for molecular imagingHerth, Matthias
daniel_phillip-synthesis_and_-20210416063023687.pdf.jpg202116-Apr-2021Synthesis and Functionalization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and their Application in Hybrid MaterialsDaniel, Phillip Georg
3139.pdf.jpg20124-Jun-2012Synthesis and investigation of functional polymer materialsKins, Christoph F.
1268.pdf.jpg200712-Feb-2007Synthesis and surface modification of semiconductor nanocrystalsXie, Renguo