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100000962.pdf.jpg201724-Jan-2017Precise somatotopic thalamocortical axon guidance depends on LPA-mediated PRG-2/Radixin signalingCheng, Jin
adam_lennart-precision_matt-20210215193520312.pdf.jpg202123-Feb-2021Precision Matters: Measurement of the W boson mass and width with the ATLAS detector at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV and the activity of the Underlying Event in Z boson events at a centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeVAdam, Lennart
100001003.pdf.jpg201715-Feb-2017Precision measurement of the beta-nu angular correlation coefficient a in free neutron decayWunderle, Alexander Georg
3955.pdf.jpg20159-Jan-2015Prediction of new crystal structures under extreme conditionsSchärf, Daniel
2927.pdf.jpg201129-Nov-2011The prehistoric inhabitants of the Wadi Howar : an anthropological study of human skeletal remains from the Sudanese part of the Eastern SaharaBecker, Erik
3954.pdf.jpg20158-Jan-2015Preparation and functional characterisation of recombinant silicatein-alpha from the sponge Suberites domunculaManfrin, Alberto
100002306.pdf.jpg201820-Sep-2018Preparation and interpretation of Kelvin probe force microscopy experiments on bulk insulatorsRomero Lairado, Francisco
preparation_and_realization_o-20231230114524425.pdf.jpg202429-Jan-2024Preparation and realization of a new hypertriton mass experiment at MAMIPochodzalla, Josef; Vonwirth, Philipp
792.pdf.jpg200514-Jul-2005Preparation and study of magnetic thin film based sub-micron structuresAuth, Nicole
100000023.pdf.jpg20167-Jan-2016Preparation for the accurate luminosity measurement by antiproton-proton elastic scattering and feasibility study for observation of h c hadronic decay modes at the P̄ANDA experimentKaravdina, Anastasia
3073.pdf.jpg201226-Mar-2012Preparation of cold Mg + ion clouds for sympathetic cooling of highly charged ions at SPECTRAPCazan, Radu Mircea
100000911.pdf.jpg201622-Dec-2016Presynaptic function of the voltage-gated calcium channel DmCa1D in Drosophila larval motoneuronsKlein, Aylin
100003405.pdf.jpg202015-Feb-2020The preview benefit and feature guidance: Constraints in feature and conjunction searchLukes, Sophie
qin_qianqian-primary_and_se-20201106123212722.pdf.jpg20209-Nov-2020Primary and secondary membrane damage by small β-barrel pore forming toxins and their implications for membrane repairQin, Qianqian
131.pdf.jpg20011-Jan-2001Primär- und Genstruktur des Hämocyanins der Schnecke Haliotis tuberculataAltenhein, Benjamin
das_primäre_krampfaderleiden_-20221206161616592.pdf.jpg20235-Jan-2023Das primäre Krampfaderleiden, eine häufige Erbkrankheit - Stammbaumanalysen der Phänotypen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung komplizierter VerläufeKatsandris, Sotirios
100001392.pdf.jpg201728-Jun-2017Die primäre Steuerverteilung unter den Ländern : Status quo und ReformperspektivenMagnani, Emanuel J.
3753.pdf.jpg201422-May-2014Primäre und sekundäre autokrine Wirkung von IL-27 auf neonatale dendritische ZellenBirkholz, Julia
principles_guiding_im30-media-20220104081858439.pdf.jpg202219-Jan-2022Principles guiding IM30-mediated membrane remodelingSiebenaller, Carmen
junck_ann-kathrin_josefine-pro-_und_retro-20211203201650819.pdf.jpg202117-Dec-2021Pro- und retrospektive Kohortenstudie zur Evaluation der Lebensqualität nach Eingliederung von Septumepithesen bei SeptumperforationJunck, Ann-Kathrin Josefine